SciFi World Stockholm 2014

November 30, 2014

Since the rather lacklustre Gamex / Comiccon, I’ve been looking forward to Sci-fi World Stockolm 2014. My main reason for going was that I wanted to see a lot of cosplayers, and because gamex had been a mixed event, I was hoping Sci-fi World would offer a large pool of cosplayers. You might ask why I’m interested in cosplayers? It’s obviously because I want to take pictures of them, they’re great models because, they want to have their picture taken and they often have an interesting look to them.

I had talked to Bo and Johan, they both were going, but they wanted to go on Sunday, the event spans Saturday through Sunday. I didn’t really have any pressing plans for Saturday, but I gave in, mostly out of three reasons. One, It’s always fun with some company. Two, Saturday, being the opening day, would probably be totally full and last but not least; three, I didn’t have any plans for Sunday either.


The event started at 10 AM Sunday morning, but because I had pulled a late nighter Saturday, I slept in until 11 AM. I left my house around 11:30 and arrived at Älvsjö (Stockholmsmässan) at roughly twelve o’clock. There was a queue, but not long enough to be irritating. I had barely walked into the main hall before my phone rang, Bo called to see if I had cancelled my plans to visit the event, after some back and forth directions and triangulation we were able to find each other.


I had sent a text message earlier to Johan, but he sadly couldn’t make it; I did however try to guilt trip him, and told him how awesome the event was going to be. I don’t think he bought it; or if he did, I don’t think he cared enough to be bothered.


Anyway, walking along the very small main hall, I noticed that there really only were lots of stands selling stuff and almost no cosplayers. But the place was well lit, so I had that going for me (Gamex/Comiccon had been so dark I could barely take any pictures).

I circled the main hall for around 3 hours, waiting for cosplayers to show up. Finally I gave up, I guess everybody had been there Saturday, and didn’t see any need in going twice to the event.


However, the few cosplayers that did attend during Sunday, were mostly Star Wars people; I tried taking some pictures of them, but needless to say, if you’ve seen one storm trooper, you’ve basically seen them all.


All in all, I think Saturday would’ve been a great day for photography. Sunday — not so much. But I did buy a couple of magic the gathering booster packs, which is nice.

Either these events are bad for photography, or I’ve set my expectations ridiculously high.