October 14, 2012

This last week has not been as action filled as previous weeks, so I’ll keep it sweet and short. Figuring I’ve kept on going with my weekly update (With great success if I might add), so it would feel sad to end the spree now.

I bought a new book, Halo: The Thursday War, I really enjoyed it, actually so much I read through it under two days. Even though I should have read Glassland before picking up this one. That’s the problem when you’re in the bookstore and you have trouble recollecting in which order different titles came. At first I was actually about to buy Glasslands, but when I read the back cover it sounded too much like Ghosts of onyx, which made me uncertain if I’ve already read it, and now, in hindsight, I feel like I should’ve googled it before I bought The Thursday War. But what is done is done, so I’ll have to buy glasslands and the story line will be a little confusing. (The Thursday War and Glasslands are aprt of a trilogy written by Karen Traviss, the third title is yet to be announced).

I’ve also made a really great tasting sandwich (news drought indeed). Use the following recipe to successfully recreate it, (with a twist of your own).

  1. Buy the longest baguette you can find.
  2. Add everything you can find to stuff it with
  3. Eat it
  4.  ???
  5. PROFIT!