Revisiting Stockholm

April 27, 2013

Linus finally got around to catch a flight to Stockholm. Linus was, just as I was before I moved, very unfamiliar with Stockholm. So I took him on a long walk through most of Södermalm and a large part of the central city. I’m pretty sure we clocked in over 10 km all in all. When I moved here I talked to Linus about the many places that one can take interesting pictures at, which means that once he got here, I had to actually prove it. I’m pretty sure that when he packed his bags in Vasa, and choose which shoes to bring, he hadn’t anticipated that we were going to walk this much.

Skanstull bridge

As I waited on Arlanda Express (And if you look at my twitter-history, you’ll notice that it seems like I do this a lot), I took the wise decision to get a preloaded public-transportation-card for Linus in order to save time once he arrived, since the queues at the central station are usually ridiculously long. So if you ever get an out-of state visitor, get these things sorted out before hand, you’ll save time and stress.

At the movies

We decided a few weeks ago that we should go watch Iron Man 3, as it was released this Wednesday. Sadly, most of the movie theaters show only the 3D version, and I lack the ability to see 3D, the experience ends up being quite boring, like watching a normal movie, but with awkward glasses.
Anyway, we chose a day-time screening, figuring that the theater would be mostly empty. Though this wasn’t the case, almost all tickets were sold out and only a few seats, scattered randomly about, were still available. As we had already looked forward to the movie, we went ahead and got random seats. The people I got seated beside were far from the ideal neighbors. The one to my left ate truckloads of popcorn, and kept shaking his popcorn-bucket, making, what seemed like, the most noise you can possible make by shaking popcorn. And the one to my right, luckily didn’t have anything to eat, but he grunted loudly every time something happened in the movie, which was really disturbing.
The movie in itself wasn’t that great, but I guess I’ve looked so much forward to it that I had unreasonable high expectations for it.


We’ve also enjoyed really great weather, not too hot nor too cold. The sun’s been out and the spring is well on it’s way.