Revisiting childhood memories

March 15, 2014

You can really tell that spring is upon us, we’ve seen temperatures as high as 15 degrees Celsius this past week.

“Guest-blogging” at

Some of you might have noticed that publishes a weekly “This has happened on the internet” post which contains some links of things that are interesting.

Well we’ve created a work group at bazooka were we circulate the writer for these posts, and this week I was the the one responsible to write such a post.

At first I had thought it’d be a piece of cake, but I need to confess that it was anything but easy. I had to find news about things that are interesting, and more importantly, not only things that I’m interested in — which is mostly security stuff.

Here’s the post, sadly it’s in Swedish, so for my non-Swedish readers I’ll point you to the Google translated page.

As you can tell, I tried really hard to get some normal stuff in, whilst still sneaking in a lot of sec-talk.

Started to play a game I haven’t played in a long time

Once upon a time, like 17 years ago, I was a young child. My brother, who’s three years older, introduced me to a card game called Magic: The gathering.
In all honesty, I had a lot of problems understanding the game, but then again it wasn’t designed for 8 year old’s. I played against a variety of people, most of whom were a lot older than me. I can’t remember if I ever won a match, but as I remember it, the thrill of collecting the cards was more enjoyable than actually playing with them.

I also remember the cards being really expensive, and I guess that was one of the reasons that I stopped collecting them.

I had almost completely forgot about the game until this Monday when one of my colleagues, Johan, was busy watching a youtube video about the game. He said he had played the game for the first time the day before and that he was interested in buying some cards and building he’s own deck.


I promptly decided to check out the prices, as I earlier mentioned I remembered them being quite expensive. When I found a re-seller I was actually a bit shocked about the prices, a booster (15 cards) pack costs 29 SEK, and the Deck Builder’s Toolkit (285 cards) is somewhere around 200 SEK. In other words, they’re pretty cheap, I guess the fundamental economic understanding differs between an 8 year old — who has no recurring income &mdash: and a 26 year old with a full-time job.

I decided to buy the Deck Builder’s Toolkit, I needed to visit that store anyway because I was picking up Paulina’s birthday gift. I jotted down the product numbers of the things I wanted on a post-it and went on my way.

When I got to the store I handed over the post-it sticker to the clerk, he checked it, and started entering the numbers, when he was finished he looked a little weirded out, the shopping list was as following;

  • Ultra Pro – Deckbox Black
  • Magic: The Gathering – Deck Builder’s Toolkit M14
  • Apple: iPad mini 16GB

He wanted to confirm that this was actually what I wanted to buy, seeing as one of the items looked like it didn’t belong in the list.

Anyway, as I got home, after doing the dishes, I opened up the Deck Builder and started to build to deck’s. One red-black aggressive deck, and one green-white defensive deck. The biggest problems with deck building is that you don’t know how good the deck is unless you get to test it out.


Paulina was kind enough to try and play with me. Because she didn’t know how the rules worked we played with open hands, and I explained what all the cards did. It was a great deal of fun, and I ended up losing. (I played with the red-black deck and she played with the other one).

Later in the week I got to play against Johan after work, and my red-black deck proved to be pretty good. When I got home I wanted to continue playing, but Paulina was off at work and it’s a bit hard to play against oneself.
I knew there were an IOS version of the game, but there isn’t any for Windows 8 nor Windows Phone 8. As I googled around I found that the game was available for the Xbox 360, Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers. It only cost 90 SEK so it was a pretty obvious buy.

The Xbox 360 game is actually pretty good, but admittedly, it’s a bit slow going, but fun nonetheless.

Oh right, and Paulina was really happy about the iPad.