Recollecting, a year has passed

March 26, 2013

Me in Stockholm March 2012

I was actually about to miss this day, but today is exactly one year since I had my job interview at Bazooka. Coincidentally,  the weather is exactly as I remember it, sunny, but not really that warm yet, in other words, early spring.

It’s interesting how things change, I had only visited Stockholm twice before I went to the interview. And the only things that I had seen was the same things almost all tourists end up seeing, Sergelstorg and Drottninggatan (and a bit of Gamla stan). Though I’ve always had a thing for Stockholm, it felt like a moderately large city, not too large, not too small.

I actually don’t remember too many specific details about the day. I know I wasn’t really nervous, and that was a strange feeling. I remember a great deal of confusion walking up from the subway station Slussen in Södermalm. Walking out on Götgatan, not being able to tell which direction was north. That feeling is strange, I generally always know where north is, but being in a totally new environment made me lose all sense of positioning.

The gate at Mosebacke

Paulina was with me, and she has spent a great deal of time in Stockholm, which means, at least in theory, that she knew the layout better than me (although she completely lacks any sense of direction). As we stood there on Götgatan, me trying to get my navigational-self together, she called up a mutual friend, Mistu. At the time Mistu worked on the Finlandsfärjan, which meant that he was free from work that Monday. The first thing we did was to locate Bazooka’s office, which really isn’t that hard. You just walk a couple of blocks east bound, it’s basically as high up as you can come on Mosebacke. It was still a couple of hours until my interview, so we headed back down to Götgatan, we went to a café called Muggen, and sat around there talking.

The road which I usually don't walk :D

I remember trying to take in as much as possible from the city, after all, this was the place I was considering moving to. As it was approaching three o’clock, I headed back to Mosebacke, I took this really strange path, which I’ve only walked once since (to further enforce how disorientated I was).
As I rang the door bell, I was greeted by a black dog barking at me (which I later got to know as Fröj).

I was seated in the smaller of two conference rooms, with Bazooka’s CEO, Dan Ericson and Bazooka’s CTO, Bo Valpeters. After what felt like a rather short interview (to be fair, I had previously already had a Skype interview with Kim Metso and Bo), I got a short tour around the office, the main office is a large room with huge windows facing gamla stan, the view is really magnificent. And of course I wanted to see the development server, which was located in a small, air ventilated, room. I was really impressed by everything, and hoped that I’d get the job.

As I left Bazooka, I went down to Medborgarplatsen to meet up with Paulina and Mistu (and a few other people whom I can’t remember anymore). We spent the rest of the day just walking around, or in the vicinity of, Medborgarplatsen.

The last thing I remember from that day was sitting on the airplane, heading back north to snowy Vasa, asking myself if I really could see myself moving abroad, from the safety of well known streets, from family and friends.

While I do miss everybody a great deal, I don’t regret my, or ultimately, our (let’s not forget Paulina) decision to move. I’ve loved working with Bazooka, and I’ve learnt a great deal of things that I don’t think I would’ve if I hadn’t moved.