Random gibberish

June 1, 2013

Instead of writing about what I’ve done the last week, which wouldn’t be any different to last week’s post, I’ll instead write a bit more freely.

I’m currently juggling lots of projects, both at work and at home. And I guess I’m getting older, these last few weeks I’ve really felt an increasing amount of tiredness that’s a bit hard to explain, like, even if I sit down and don’t do anything, it feels like my batteries won’t replenish. Also I’m easily bored, and it feels like boredom is more dangerous than actually doing something. Though all this could probably be a factor of not feeling I’m getting enough stuff done. But maybe I should pick up another hobby, a hobby that doesn’t include computers or technology. But something where I still could be creative, like woodwork, but then again I was born with my thumb in the middle of my hand (not literally), so anything where I have to use my hands to model something is probably going to end up disastrous.

“How about photography?”, I imagine you’re asking me. Well what about it? It’s interesting, and I do enjoy doing it, but I feel like I’m still more interested in the technological aspect (read: materialistic), as in I love playing around with the gadgets, but actually going outside to shoot? I do it occasionally, but one can only take so and so much of landscape photography before it becomes quite dull. Though it’s a totally different thing when you’re accompanied by someone else.

When Linus was here we were out and about shooting practically anything that moved, or at least I did. But seeing as he’s back in Vasa, I’m back at not really wanting to go out and take lots of random photos. What I do enjoy most with photography (i.e. not the technical parts, but the actual art form) is taking pictures of people, and not as in a random stalker like fashion were I hide in the bushes with a long tele-lens taking pictures of unknowingly people, but rather taking pictures of friends and family. So when ever me and Paulina are heading out I try to bring my camera, but Paulina is growing a bit tired of only seeing my face through a lens, so she stops me every time I’m packing my bag.


Anyway, this Friday Paulina left yet again for Vasa, to pick out the correct bridal dress (for my sister’s wedding in July). She had to go over to Finland with boat, because her sister, who lives in Turku, had ordered a small glass-stone table here in Sweden and consequently sent it to our address, which meant Paulina needed to figure out away to get over to Finland. So why am I writing about this? Because guess who had to get up 5 AM on Friday morning to help get the table from one side of the city to the other? When I woke up, I really had this feeling of “Shit, I’m going to hate every second of this journey” but once up, and admittedly, after a cup of coffee, everything went really great, there weren’t any people out, which meant we could move our hand trolley freely in and out of the subway train, and the complete trip was, dare I admit, enjoyable. Though I was really tired the rest of the day.

As I was walking back from the boat terminal, I found this little gem.


I really need to do something spectacular next week so I’ll get something to write about 😀