Radalle.com Drift event

September 4, 2011

Yesterday I noticed a post-it note in one of my drawers, it said “Drift, Jurva 3.9, 15€”. At first I already thought I had missed the event, but turns out it was the next day, so I called up Linus to see if he was up for some shooting.

Next day we were in Jurva 🙂 We’ve visited this event a few times before, and we usually only stay for like an hour, but this time we were there for like 5 hours, which should be a new record for anybody visiting Botniaring without driving :D.

I think all in all I shot up around 24GB of images, mostly crap, but I thought I’d share some with you.

I’m writing this 2 in the morning and the edits are pretty quick, some of them I did feel that they did come out alright.