Queal – Simple and Smart Nutrition

August 29, 2019

I decided to try out Queal as the next thing on my great meal replacement adventure. The naming that they’ve used for their products are just amazing, and those alone made me want to try them out.

Browsing on their website I found their “Taste Tester”, which includes seven flavors, the shaker and a scoop. All I need to get started. The total price was around 51€ including shipping costs, which is very affordable.

Please note, the order of the different flavors are the actual order that I tried them out.

Funky forest fruit

First out, Funky Forest Fruit. It smells, eh, kind of fruity, a bit oat:ish, and a small bit of urine.

The taste on the other hand is right off the bat, very fruity. It’s not chalky at all (like Jimmy Joy). It’s very sweet, actually super sweet (too sweet tbh). It tastes very much like a dessert. No side-taste of oat.

I’ll give it a 2/5, too sweet, flavor is too strong. Had trouble drinking it because it was overwhelming. The texture is very thick, no need for almond milk, it’s almost like a milkshake.

The shaker is 700ml, I don’t like the screw on cork, since it doesn’t really want to thread right. All around lower quality than e.g. Jimmy Joy.

Chocolate Hazelnut Happiness

I expected this one to be one of my favorites, but as with a lot of things in life…

This was just straight foul, couldn’t force myself through a single meal. I generally love hazelnut, but this tasted more like dried out, stale, Ferrero Rocher, ground to a fine powder and mixed with a bunch of water.

This is the worst meal replacement I’ve ever had, -2/5, I won’t try this again. Ever.

Awesome Apple Pie

This is so far my absolute favorite. Again, very super, over the top, sweet – which seems to be a common theme. The taste of the Awesome Apple Pie is genuinely one of what I’d expect apple pie to taste like, or rather maybe the uncooked dough, or apple pie drenched in vanilla sauce.

The cinnamon works really well with the apple flavor, and it comes through really well.

This one is really rather good, although I couldn’t see myself drinking it everyday for a long time, but every once and a while. It’s worth a strong 4/5, almost a five out of five.

Cool Chocolate

As far as non-sugar chocolate drinks go, this was quite good. The chocolate flavor in itself isn’t too strong, and it’s not that typical trying-to-be-chocolate-but-isn’t-chocolate flavor that this stuff usually have (although I believe that’s partly because of the subtle flavoring, if it was any stronger it would be a lot worse).

It seems like there’s a common theme with all the shakes that they have this over the top sweetness, it tastes super artificial, I’m not sure if this is what people call the Queal base-taste, but it might, since it’s in every shake.

The bags are very similar to the ones Joylent had, quite tall, and it’s a bit messy when you grab a scoop full out of it.

As with the apple pie, not all too bad, I’d give it a solid 3/5, but I wouldn’t necessarily want to eat it every day.

Banana mania

Can’t sense any banana flavor to be honest, it’s just the Queal sweetness. There’s a slight hint in the after taste, basically the same taste of the artificial banana flavor that the dentists have with their flouride varnish (people in the Nordics will probably know exactly what I mean).

This is quite a solid everyday drink, I just wish they could tone down the sweetness. I’ll give it a 3.5/5, just because it subtle.

Super Strawberry

When I opened the bag a strong smell of strawberry ice cream hit me, I could almost taste it.

Though it doesn’t really taste strawberries, there’s just, like the bananas, a subtle after-taste, but the Queal sweetness completely overtakes any kind of strawberry taste, which is a shame really.

Since it’s quite subtle, I can see myself drinking this multiple times a week, so I’ll give it a 3.5/5. If the Queal sweetness wouldn’t be so strong, I’d probably give it a four out of five.

Smooth Vanilla

I don’t like the smell of this at all. I’d described it as rancid yogurt.

The taste is very different to the smell. It’s subtle, very subtle vanilla taste. The most weird part of this is that it doesn’t really have the Queal sweetness in it. I wonder if the vanilla masks it enough to cancel it out? (Or have I just gotten used to the sweetness that it doesn’t bother me anymore?)

I really like the vanilla – I’ve almost always hated it with the other brands – the smell aside, this is really good. I’ll give the vanilla a 4 out of 5.


It started off quite the disappointment, especially with the hazelnut (although I’ve finished all the other bags, the hazelnut is still left untouched since I tried it out). But as I worked through the flavors, I’d say I quite enjoyed it overall. However, I really disliked the sweetness in the flavors, I’d do think they should make a unsweetened neutral one.

I also don’t like the scoop that you get with Queal, I don’t really understand why you add 5 scoops for a meal (700kcal). I think Jimmy Joy’s one scoop per 200kcal is a lot better. Or if you’d want finer control, I guess I could understand a single scoop per 100kcals, but the 5 scoops – 140kcal per scoop – just doesn’t make sense. And I don’t like digging around with the small scoop five times either, I’d rather do it for as few times as possible.

While I do think I could keep on using Queal, I don’t think they’re quite as good as Jimmy Joy – well worth the try though. Except the hazelnut, I genuinely wish I could un-taste it.