Product shot, Samyang 8mm

June 13, 2011

So here I am, bored out of my mind, it’s raining and the outside temperature has dropped back to normal finnish summer (15 degrees celsius).

So I started a little side project, I felt I haven’t had the time to play with flashguns enough, so I thought I’d throw together somekind of product shot. And what better product than my lovely 8mm Samyang.

“Normal” lenses usually have a flat front glass but because of the wide angle of an 8mm the glass have a lovely curve to it.

This setup was fairly easy, I layed out a few white copying papers and set the lens on top of them, I chose my prime 50mm because of the excellent sharpness it gives. I set the flash to 35 degree to the left and 35 degrees upward, I also added two normal desklights that would act like background and front light, I then fired of a few shots.