Potato pizza

November 29, 2015

Did you know that there’s such a thing as potato pizza? As in the filling is potatoes?

Well there’s a restaurant here in Helsinki, specifically in the shopping mall Kluuvi, which serves a large variety of different pizza slices, among them, the potato pizza.

I’ve been there before, once, for lunch, and I had the potato pizza, and it was really good. And this Sunday, I decided to take Paulina to this mysterious pizzeria.


But before we talk about the pizza, let’s talk about why I decided to head down to central Helsinki. I wanted to take photos of the Christmas lighting. So at around 1 PM I started walking from home.

Normally, I’d take the bus, but my monthly card has expired, and I didn’t want to renew it for just one trip — I don’t use the public transportation that often, and currently my card always expires around the last days of the month, which sucks, since I get my salary the first day of each month.

So at the end of the month, I generally don’t have a lot of extra cash, and it feels idiotic to spend (even though it’s not that much) 50€ for something I only use sporadically.

I live only around 4 km from the central station in Helsinki, which means you can walk the distance in about 30-40 minutes.

I do not know what relationship there is between the guy standing there dressed as a tin-star-man, and picasso, but according to his sign, there is a relationship.

Now what I failed to take in to account was that it wouldn’t get dark until late afternoon, so all the Christmas lights were barely visible on my pictures, so I would have to wait until it got a bit dark. And walking around town, is, if your not out for anything specific, pretty boring.

I was able to kill some time by finding the latest .net magazine, and read Carlos Eriksson’s article, which was really interesting.

The police car was standing still, I wouldn’t normally stand in the middle of the road when a police car is responding to an emergency.

I kept on walking around, just taking random pictures, i.e. not pictures that I were there for, I decided to call Paulina and see if she wanted to join me for lunch somewhere.

After a bit of deliberation, she decided to join me. Because of, I guess Christmas shoppers, her bus got delayed, and it took her more than 40 minutes to get in to town, i.e. it would’ve been faster for her to just walk, like I did.

Christmas decorations in Forum

Once we met up, we spent some time trying to find some where to have lunch, which wasn’t packed. This was basically an impossible quest.

And since I had invited her, it was my responsibility to find a good place.

After discussing several options, I finally remembered Pizzarium, in Kluuvi. We got there and, as all other places we had been to, had a really long queue. But we didn’t have any more energy to try and find a less crowded place, we just decided to stand and wait. The queue moved remarkably fast, and in about 5 minutes they took our orders.

The main difference between Pizzarium and regular pizza places is that instead of ordering a pizza, you get to choose different slices from a large selection, all of which are visible at the counter. Once you’ve made you selection, they’ll heat the slices in a pizza oven.

Each slice costs 3.90€, so it’s not the cheapest place, but then again, two slices will fill you up quite nicely.

The two middle slices are the potato pizza

Even though I generally only go to Kotipizza here in Finland, I really like Pizzarium, and I’d gladly recommend it to anyone who asks.

Once we had eaten, we tried burning more time, but it just got too boring, so we ended up going home, and I didn’t get any pictures of Christmas lights.

And so, in conclusion, this is how you write an average long blog post about a really mundane subject just to fill your blog quota.