Packed my first boxes

June 28, 2012

Only one month left before I start at Bazooka. Time flies. I still don’t have an apartment in Stockholm, seems like it’s a really tough market to get through. So I’ve initialized plan B, I’ll rent a room at a friends place the first month or two figuring it should be a lot easier finding an apartment when I’m actually there, like fiinixdesign did. (Even though I’m generally opposed leaving things to chance).
The good thing with this approach is, we, i.e. me and my girlfriend, won’t have to move all the things at once. Seeing as I’ll move one month ahead of her because her current employment will end mid-august and my new job will start in the beginning. This leaves me with only having to bring the bare essentials with me the first round, in other words, Laptop, DSLR, wallet, passport and yeah, some spare clothes.
Later on she’ll come with the rest of the things, and by then, we hopefully have an apartment of our own.

I’ve started to pack the stuff that I don’t use on a regular basis, like extra cables, hardware, random things. My main computer also fell victim to my packing and I’ve dismantled my monitor arms and removed one of the two 24″ screens, I haven’t yet decided if I’m going to leave these behind and buy new ones in Sweden or not, but I guess time will tell.
Hopefully I’ll start moving boxes out during this weekend leaving only the things we plan on selling before the move. The above picture is the after photo, trust me, I had lots of stuff laying about.

I also ran my last backup from the HP MicroServer until I get it shipped to Sweden (Sometime during the fall), the reason for this is because I want to keep the backup disks safe and out of the apartment, before the real packing mayham begins.