Package(s) delivered

February 14, 2016

This week’s fared a lot better than last week, for one, Vera got back from her nearly two month trip to the States. She came over to our apartment on Monday for a coffee, and she talked about all of the things she’s experienced and done. It was really interesting, in some ways it would be really awesome going over there for a two month adventure and just try and see as much as possible.

Anyway, just as she was about to leave, she took out a bag and gave it to me. She had visited the space center in Houston, and she had seen a tonne of stuff she wanted to buy, but couldn’t really figure out who’d she give the stuff to. And then she remembered me, and bought me a t-shirt, apparently the only gift she had brought from the US. I feel honored, and I mean, you can’t ever have too many NASA t-shirts, am I right?

My new NASA t-shirt.

I also, finally, got my EF to NEX adapter, so I can finally use my Canon lenses with the my Sony A7, and I got to say, once the adapter was on, I haven’t used, or even thought about using the kit lens. I mean it does it’s job, but I just prefer the lenses that I’ve gotten used to. It’s also crazy how expensive the native FE-mount lenses actually are, I don’t think there’s a lot of amateurs that could afford a proper set of the Sony lenses.

I’m pretty sure third-party manufacturers will soon enough start producing a shitload of lenses for the A7’s, but at the same time, I don’t see myself investing in any of them. The fact that I can adapt almost any lens for the A7, and that manual focus is so easy with the focus peaking, I just don’t see the value (faster auto focus, but then again, for the work I do, I rarely need super fast AF).

Walking to the store.

But I think the main reason for why I wouldn’t want to invest in FE lenses is because they’ll probably never be adaptable to other systems, and I’m not yet 100% committed to Sony, I’d rather keep on buying Canon lenses, or lenses that can be used by many different systems, because then I won’t end up with a lot of lenses that I can’t use, and I’ll still be able to switch to another system.

Anyway, I got another package on Monday, which I’ll talk more about in a couple of weeks, but I decided to already take some pictures of it, and when I was done, I was looking for something else to shoot, seeing as I already had my flashes etc. set up. And so, I decided to mount my largest lens, with a 2x extender on the small A7, a ridiculous setup which I don’t think will work all too well.

From top to bottom: Sony A7, Commlite EF – NEX adapter, Kenko Teleplus Pro 300 2x teleconverter, Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8

I’ve spent most of the week just waiting to get out and take some pictures, but since it’s still winter, the sun sets at the same time I get off of work, and I just haven’t been able to get out all too much. Instead, I’ve been waiting for the weekend.

After looking up on google maps for interesting places to go, I noticed that I haven’t really been to the north west parts of Lauttasaari, I noticed that there’s a bridge that leads out to a neighboring island, and another bridge from that island to a third one, etc.

Fotosondag’s weekly theme was “A movie title”, I submitted this image with the title “Speed”, as in the Keanu Reeves movie from 1994. When I took this picture I noticed that the A7 has a horrible shutter lag, I’m so used to the mirror getting back in place just after the shutter has fired, but the EVF is a lot slower.

Come Saturday, I woke up pretty early (for my standards during the weekends), I had my morning coffee, and off I went. The weather was typical spring like, the sun was shining and the temperature was around 0 degrees celsius. As I was walking the weather kept changing, at one point the sun was shining, a couple of minutes later, there was a local snow storm reducing visibility to about 20-50m, and another 5 minutes later, the sun was back like nothing had happened.

One of the bridges.

Anyway, I got to the first island, which was a huge let down, I was hoping for at least finding something, but to my surprise the island was pretty much filled up with rich people mansions. Like, I can’t believe that they’ve destroyed the whole island by building a bunch of houses there. I’m not blaming the people who live there, I’d love to have a large house on one of the islands, but rather, I don’t think the city of Helsinki should’ve ever approved the islands as a building site for houses. I think I’d be more okay with them building high rises there, then at least a lot of people would get to enjoy the view, instead of a select few.

I kept walking to the next island, got over the bridge, but I was pretty sure I’d just find a lot of houses and nothing interesting, so I basically just gave up, and went home again.

Random jetty on my way home.

Sunday was mostly gray and dull, I was about to go out, but seeing as the last couple of weeks almost all of my pictures have been completely void of colors, I instead decided to stay home and try to write this blog post, which has now taken more than 8 hours, that’s a lot of procrastination right there.

But it’s not always about how fast you can do something, am I right?