Overclocking on liquid nitrogen

January 3, 2012

Got the idea of bringing up a project that isn’t available on the internet anymore.

Me and MaggoT had a blog back in the days, the blog doesn’t exist anymore so I thought I’d salvage a few images for archiving purposes.

The project started back in 2008 or 2007 when we rigged up a pretty nasty setup with a few socket A motherboards, some old athlons with a custom water block connected to the main waterlines in MaggoTs apartment, needless to say, playing around with old hardware wasn’t that exciting so We suspended the project ’til we could gather enough resources to actually pull off something great.

In the spring of ’09 we came back, stronger than ever with new bought hardware (almost top of the line intel/asus/amd hardware), we built a custom open-case platform for the hardware and at first we ran it with dry ice for a few runs and then kicked it to higher gear and went straight for LN2 with a large custom milled copper pot, I think the project killed 4 motherboards and two CPUs.

We reached some nice scores and our record score in superPI was 8.578s on a Intel E8500 @ 5509Mhz.

(Photos taken by Alexander Horn)