Optical flash trigger

August 18, 2011

First off, I felt like I haven’t said anything in a while, so I thought I had to make a post about something, anything really. So here goes.

Yesterday I received my optical flash trigger, Seagull SYK-3, which is a cheap, china quality, flash trigger that’ll cost you about $2-$3 @ ebay, nothing expensive.

Earlier I had been thinking about buying the Canon 430EX flash because I wanted the wireless triggering functions, only problem was that it would set me back about 250€, so I felt intrigued to try out the cheaper alternative first. I knew I couldn’t expect anything revolutionary with something that costs about the same as a half o litre soda, but I’m actually quite happy with its performance.

I’ve paired it up with my old Minolta Maxxum 4000AF and I’ve set the popup flash to manual with the power output at 1/128 so it doesn’t effect the overall exposure yet still being powerful enough to fire off the minolta. And I’m happy to say the SYK-3 has triggered perfectly every shot.

The first thing I had to try was catching water drops from the tap, so I’ve included two pictures. Focus isn’t perfect but I took the pictures handheld + manual focus. (And an other reason for the inclusion is to try out the automatic exif reader I’ve added to the site :D)