Christmas themed week

December 13, 2015

It’s that time of the year again, Christmas!

We had our office Christmas party this week, of which we spent an evening at the EMMA museum, Espoo Museum of Modern Art.

The bus left the office at 15:45, and it took about 15 minutes to get there. When we got there we had a short get-together and we were then free to roam around the museum for a couple of hours. I didn’t know if I was allowed to take any pictures, so I decided to not take a risk, and left my camera in the bag. (Actually, I didn’t even bring my camera, nor my bag, but you get the point).

The entrance to the EMMA museum.

After we were done walking around, we met up at the conference room and had some salad and wine.

Our bus picked us up a bit after eight, and it was going to take us to a secret location. The bus driver navigated the bus through the weirdest route ever, and finally we ended up near the cathedral after a 40 minute ride (the fastest route would have only taken about 10 minutes).

But apparently, the bus driver did know what he was doing, he was stalling, since the bar that we were going to would open at 9 PM, and if he’d taken the short route, we would’ve ended up standing outside for half an hour.

So thank you mister bus driver.

The light fixtures at the EMMA museum in our meeting room.

Since the Christmas party was on a Wednesday, and we had a normal work day the next morning, I decided to only have one drink at the bar, and then headed home.

All in all, a lovely evening. And I really liked the EMMA museum, I’ll have to go back there with Paulina at a later date.

Christmas market

When we had gotten out of the bus at the cathedral, I noticed that they had a German Christmas market going on at the senate square, and I decided to visit it with Paulina during the weekend.

I’ve generally avoided these kind of things, just because I get stressed when there are too many people around me, but then, if I didn’t go, I wouldn’t have anything to talk about on the blog. So I took one for the team.


There were lots of these small wooden houses (there’s a better, more descriptive word, but I fail to find it at the moment). Most of the things up for sale seemed to be hand made by the same people who were selling them.

There were lots of things that I liked, not pictured, but none that I would’ve felt that I wanted. I’d say that 99.9% of everything they had were decorative things.


It took maybe 20 minutes to walk through the market, in no particular rush, but neither did we really take a close look at anything either. As I was walking I could smell the scent of cherries, something I could only imagine being a cherry glühwein (I don’t know if such a thing exists), I looked through the menus of all the stands that sold glühwein, but I couldn’t find the word cherry (EN), körsbär (SE), kirsikka (FI) nor kirsche (DE). Which was a real shame, because if it would’ve tasted nearly as good as it smelled, I knew I would’ve been in for a treat.


Seeing as I wasn’t able to locate the cherry drink (it might’ve not even existed), I decided to have a jouluhampurilainen (Christmas Hamburger), which was a normal hamburger, but it contained Christmas ham. The ones who were selling it was Kolmon3n, which is a restaurant I’ve heard a lot of good about, and people have recommended it because of their comfort food. Sadly, the hamburger wasn’t that impressive, but seeing as their specialty should be Finnish comfort food, I’m hardly surprised that the hamburgers aren’t that great.


After the disappointing hamburger, I decided to have a freshly baked waffle (are waffles baked or are they fried?) with whipped cream and strawberry jam, which was awesome, made up for the hamburger, definitely.

And that’s it for my week, how was yours?