On the subject of [insert-term]

July 19, 2014

As always in July, everything grinds to a halt, a complete stand still. I haven’t done anything this week. So instead of talking about what I’ve done, which would admittedly be a very short post, I thought I’d take some time to talk about other things.

Looking for a specific type of photography blog

A few weeks ago I landed on a photo blog called http://women-and-dreams.blogspot.com, weird name for a blog about photography, but whatever. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading it, I’m pretty sure I’ve read through almost all of the posts, the writing style is great and it was refreshing to read a blog about photography that wasn’t super gear focused. The blog does talk about gear, but it’s not the usual boring MTF-charts and pictures of flowers, but it’s more about the resulting images and how the gear feels — something that isn’t measurable in charts.

I wish more photographers would document their daily life (excluding the gear and work related things). A great example of a photographer who does a lot of content creation is Chase Jarvis, but he’s a bit too commercial, lots of videos and a pretty funny guy though.

The Art of Photography

While on the subject about photographers, a vlog that I’ve followed back and forth the last six months is Ted Forbes’ youtube channel The Art of Photography. A great channel, though the videos do get a bit repetitive, but it’s nice that there are photographers out there that aim to not talk about gear at all.

Talking about blogs

And while on the subject of blogs (wow, two paragraphs that basically start with the same set of words), I feel like I should mention two other blogs I regularly visit, Dennis Klein’s blog — a blog mostly about tech, but now and then we get a glimpse of the surrounding area of Moers, Germany). And of course Carlos Eriksson — A man that could probably write an interesting post about the most mundane thing.

So there you go, some recommended blogs, grab a coffee and start reading through them, once you’re done, you can leave some suggestions of blogs that I should read in the comments down below.

I apparently like piano music

So the other night I watched the tv-serie Derek with Paulina, in one of the first episodes they play a piano track that I had heard before and that I really liked. So naturally I started looking for it, what it was called, and where I’d heard it before.

The song is called “Nuvole bianche” by Ludovico Einaudi. (You should listen to the rest of his tracks, they’re down right awesome)

Armed with only the name of the song, I went on an epic journey to the internet in order to track down where I had heard it first. A few minutes into my journey I ended up at this Vimeo video (embedded below), a time lapse by TSO Photography, I remember seeing this video just after it had been released, three years ago. Funny how selective one’s memory can be.

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Won a book from Elmastudio


I generally don’t enter give-away competitions, generally because the chance of winning is too small. But earlier this week I saw a tweet from Ellen Bauer about elmastudio.de turning 5 years and that they were going to give away a bunch of things. Out of curiosity I looked through the post, and a lot of the books seemed interesting, but the first one, “Palette: 05: Pastel – New Light-Toned Graphics”, caught my interest. I’ve always liked muted and pastel-like colors, and the book contained what seems a lot of pictures, so I decided to enter the contest.

Lo and behold, today I got an email announcing that I had won the contest, I guess you’re sometimes just lucky. Anyway, thank you Elmastudio for the book and I’m looking forward to reading it!

Next week

Airline check-in, self service

I might be a bit late with next week’s WU-post — but I have a perfectly good reason; I’ll be in Vaasa meeting my nephew for the first time!