Nuuksio – Punarinnankierros

September 11, 2016

Not long after I moved to Helsinki, I heard about the national park Nuuksio or Noux, which is located just about half an hour’s drive from Helsinki. I haven’t had the time to get there, until this weekend. To be fair though, I didn’t have that much time, and for a couple of different reasons, we weren’t able to go on a proper, long, hike, but instead we opted to take one of the shortest ones, the Punarinnankierros, which clocks in at about 2.4km of fairly easy trail.


It took about an 40 minutes to drive from Lauttasaari to Nuuksio, I guess partly because I took a wrong turn at one point, but it was quite easy to get there. We arrived at 1 PM, and the parking lot was completely full, I circled around for a good 10 minutes, watching other people just parking anywhere, and decided that I should leave my car somewhere random as well, or spend the whole day just sitting in the car.

When Paulina and I got to the start of the trail, we kind of messed up a bit, and went the wrong way, so we kind of walked the trail backwards. Or rather, I’m not sure if you can technically walk a trail backwards, but we were constantly meeting people going the other way, so I just figured that we probably chose the wrong way to walk it.


Mustalampi — The black pond


The Punarinnankierros trail contain a bit of everything. A bit of forest, a bit of rocks, a bit of swamp, a bit of lake, etc. And the trail is really easy to walk, most of the path is very wide, and only a couple of 100 meters are a bit narrow.

I guess the one bad thing with the trail, with it being very short, it doesn’t really contain any really magnificent views, as in high hills or anything. But on the other hand, it was very calming and relaxing, so if you just want to walk in a calm pace, this is the right trail (I’m saying this without knowing how easy/hard the other trails are).




When we had completed the trail, both me and Paulina felt like we should’ve taken one of the longer ones, but at the same time, if we had taken one of the longer ones, we wouldn’t probably ever take this short one, all in time.

This is the first time, that I’ve knowingly visited a national park. I’ve been in plenty of forests before, and one UNESCO world heritage, but never a national park. One thing that was quite surprising was how clean everything was, I didn’t see any litter, anywhere during our short hike, not even at the larger camp places.

I guess it’s mostly because the park is, not inaccessible, but you’d really want to go here, in order to end up here. So random kids etc. won’t just show up and litter everywhere, because they’d actually have to get out of there way to get here, and there’s far more easily accessible parks/forests in Helsinki than Nuuksio. Phew, that’s one long sentence




I had really wanted to take a lot of pictures, but sadly the lighting just wasn’t there, we had an overcast day, I brought a bunch of gear with me, but alas, I didn’t get to use them.

However, this is definitely not the last time I’ll visit Nuuksio, as soon as we left the park, I wanted to turn back and walk one of the longer routes. So I’ll try to find time to visit it at least once more this fall, and I’ll definitely try to visit it during the winter — I can only imagine how beautiful it’s got to be once there’s a nice layer of thick snow over the park.

The worst part was when we got home, that’s when the clouds dispersed and the autumn sun shone through, the colors in the forest must’ve been mighty vivid.