Nothing to see here

March 29, 2014

It’s been a bit of a boring week, and as such, this Saturday, when I was about to write this post, I decided to postpone it in hopes that something interesting would happen.

Me and Paulina went out for a small sightseeing-run here in Stockholm (the weather’s been great, hitting almost summer-like temperatures), taking the “Tvärbanan” out to Solna Centrum. We found basically nothing interesting there, so on we went.

Sadly I can say that we didn’t really do anything worth writing home about. We just walked around talking about stuff. As we were walking home we found an interesting boat, or rather, the boat in itself wasn’t that interesting, but the lifebuoy hanging on the side of the boat had an interesting name on it. “Hangö”, the southern most city in Finland, and dare I say one of the smallest cities (is it even considered a city anymore)?


I don’t generally care much about where boats are from, but seeing as a lot of my family comes from Hangö I felt it was kind of interesting.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I can’t say that I’m a huge Marvel fan per se, but I do enjoy some of the movies. And like any other computer geek, I especially like the Iron Man series.

I’ve been waiting for the second captain America movie for a while now, and whilst I hated the first movie, I was looking forward to the successor because it played out in modern time (instead of second world war era).

Checking IMDB reguarly, the movie was set to be released April the 4th (USA), seeing as I live in Sweden I was guessing the movie was to be released some time in April.

This Friday when I went to check out IMDB I noticed that the movie had a score of 8.4 (~10,000 votes), which means it had to have been released somewhere. Checking out all the dates, I noticed it had already been released in Sweden (March 26th).

Naturally, I decided to go watch the movie as soon as possible. I went around the office to see if somebody else wanted to join me, but sadly nobody could on such a short notice, so I went by myself.

Captain America Poster in Stockholm

When I go to the movies I always ask for a seat that’s secluded and where the probability of being seated with somebody else is low. They generally put you somewhere far off to the side and either high or low. So far this hasn’t worked, just as the movie is about to start I got somebody that’s been seated next to me. This time I was in luck, and I had two extra seats on either side of me, which was great.

The movie in itself was, eh, good? Better than the first, but not better than any of the Iron Man movies nor the Avengers.
I dislike how they’ve turned black widow into some kind of semi-emotional wreck, but in order to not spoil too much, I wont do a review.