Not much to say, but apparently, lots to write.

May 10, 2015

Not much has happened in “The life of Benjamin™” this week. But I did have some appointments to the city, and got to see a Sisu Pasi on Kamppitori. In it self it isn’t that interesting, but it brought back some memories of the blog, back in 2012 I spotted two Swedish ones in Vaasa.


And I also decided to get in on this week’s Fotosöndag challenge, which was “Angles”, I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted, but I took my camera with my when I went to town, and as I stood in the shopping mall Forum, I glanced upwards and saw these beautiful windows. The blue sky acted like the perfect contrast to the white ceiling and white clouds.

Even though I’m not really super happy with the end results, I only had a 50mm with me, and would’ve loved to get a bit wider shot, around 35mm would’ve been a lot better, though I’m still satisfied with the results.


On the subject of, uh, nothing? I wanted to bring up a thing that I really missed in Sweden. As most people know, Finns are generally famous for consuming lots of coffee, not necessarily good coffee, but a huge amount of coffee. And I, just as everyone else, love coffee. One of the things I especially liked was yoghurt coffee, now I don’t believe that this is a thing that only exists in Finland, or that it’s even from Finland, but I couldn’t find it in Stockholm.

Arla coffee yoghurt

But in Finland, it’s basically available in all of the medium sized, or larger, grocery stores. It doesn’t cost a lot, and the taste is magnificent, it’s hands down the best yoghurt you can find.

Model airplane kit

I’ve wanted to pick up a new hobby for a while, and it’s not the easiest thing to do. Especially since some of my interest are either super expensive (airplanes), or down right not possible (space travel?). So I decided to try something that’s neither, the only thing I’d need is patience and a steady hand; building model kits of airplanes. I looked up a couple of shops here in Helsinki, and found Hobby Point, which has a useless website, but quite a lot of stock.


I walked around the store looking for a model that I wanted to build, I found a Boeing C-17 Globemaster (by Revell), which is easily one of my favorites, but the price was a bit steep, coming in just under 80€, and seeing as this was going to be my first model, I didn’t want to spend too much on something that I might not complete or even like doing. I then decided to get a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor (also by Revell), which only cost about 25€, I was a bit uncertain if I should buy it, since it was classed as a difficulty four on a scale of one to five, but I figured it was cheap enough to try.

As I stood waiting for some help from the shop keeper, I wanted to ask what kind of glue and other things that I needed, I saw another kit, a SAAB JAS 39 Gripen (by Italeri), which included colors and glue, for the same price as the F-22, I decide to switch and go for it instead.


When I got home, I practically started working on the plane right away. Since I’ve never done it before, I didn’t know how long it would take to build one of these kits. Sadly, when I read through the instructions, I noticed that yes, they’ve included the two primary colors of the plane, but none of the detail colors (black, white, etc.) so I decided not to paint it at all, as I believe it would look pretty shitty with a half colored plane, were the minor details, like tires, seats, etc. are gray.


It took me around two hours to build the set which had 67 pieces (the raptor would’ve been 150 pieces), it was pretty fun to be honest, but the pieces in the model I had didn’t really match up perfectly, I don’t know if this is an issue with all model kits, or if it’s just from this vendor. But nonetheless, I got it assembled.


Will I buy another one, is this a hobby that I want to continue with? Maybe. I’ll probably pick up another kit, just to see if it’s fun in the long run, but the whole painting ordeal seems like something that I don’t want to do at all.

Xbox one

It’s been on my wishlist since launch, the Xbox One, and even more so since the Halo: Master Chief Collection was released. I haven’t gotten it because in Stockholm, we were pretty much stuck with an old 32″ TV which had some serious issues, and once we decided to move back to Finland, I needed to save up as much money as I could, since the move was pretty expensive.

But now I decided to treat myself with it. Paulina wasn’t really happy about it, she felt I was throwing away money, but I was sure I’d be able to convince her otherwise. So when I got home with the new Xbox, Paulina was watching some series from HBO Nordic on the Xbox 360; thinking this would be an awesome opportunity to blow her away with the sheer awsomeness of the One I disconnected my 360, and hooked up the new one.

On boot it needed an update, a 2GB update, I minor nuisance, I thought to myself, 2GB will be downloaded in a heartbeat, Microsoft’s servers didn’t agree, it took half an hour. Finally, now I’ll show Paulina all the cool stuff, she didn’t care, she wanted to get back to HBO Nordic and continue watching her show. So I decided to install the apps that we needed, Netflix and HBO Nordic. Netflix was easy to find, it’s basically one of the featured apps, so you’ll find it right away, HBO Nordic on the other hand, I spent a good five minutes going through all the apps available for the Xbox One; I then resorted to google, and apparently, HBO Nordic only exists for the Xbox 360. Shamefully I had to get the 360 and plug it back in.


After Paulina was done doing her thing, I decided to play Halo 2. Start up the Xbox One, pop in the disc, and, “Installing”, what? So apparently all the games have to be installed to the hard drive, fine. 40 minutes later, it had only installed 2% of the game, back to google.

The answer is that when the game is being installed, it’ll also be updated from the internet, the fastest route around this is to disconnect the Xbox from the internet, and install the game in an offline state. I quit the installer, set the Xbox to offline mode, and installed the game, took around 20 minutes. Once back online, it asked me if I wanted to update, I should be able to play the game whilst the update is being downloaded, so I hit “ok”.

A dialog pops up with a loading bar, 18GB update, 18 GIGABYTES!? for a game? That’s like more than Windows 8.1’s complete footprint, what? And with the slow Microsoft servers, I think it took like 2 days before the update was complete. But at least I was able to play the game while it was downloading.


Don’t get me wrong though, I’m quite happy about buying it. Especially the fact that I get to play Halo 2, which is probably one of my favorite multiplayer games to this day (Shotgun on Ivory Tower or Shotgun on Lockout is the most fun I’ve ever had in a game). And what I’m really looking forward to is when Carlos gets over here so we can play through all of the Halo games, that’ll be awesome.