NordicJS 2014

September 20, 2014

I’ve just returned home from the two day JavaScript conference NordicJS. The conference was held in the archipelago of Stockholm at an art museum called Artipelag, which was architecturally astounding, and the surrounding area was nothing but breathtaking.


The speaker stage was also pretty interesting. Normally, when you have a stage, it’s a flat platform, above the crowd, the stage at NordicJS was formed as a wave, built with recycled wood pallets.


The whole event was also live streamed, free of charge. The filming was handled by a professional crew sent out from Viaplay (or that’s what I’m guessing).


I don’t have an exact figure, but I was told that there were around 600-1000 attendees, but don’t quote me on that. But the conference room was huge.


I could go on and talk about the different speakers we listened to, but frankly, they were all pretty great, and I’m hoping that the videos will be released on youtube for all to watch.


Though I’ve added the speaker line-up in case it disappears for future reference.


The event schedule was pretty interesting, every other half hour was a break, meaning that every speak had to be 30 minutes or less. At first I liked it, this combined with it being a single track conference meant that there were virtually no stress.

After a few of these half hour down times, it started to become a bit boring, and some of the speakers were so great that I would’ve rather listened to them a bit more than grabbing yet another coffee.

So if I could change one thing, I’d make the talks longer and the breaks shorter.


All in all, met a few new people, got to listen to a lot of talented speakers and it was a nice break from my normal work week.