Night out, new camera

April 27, 2014

A few month’s ago I heard about an old friend who was going to move to Stockholm. I soon forgot about it, but this week he posted his new Swedish phone number, so I called him and we went out for a few beers. A few other old-timers from Vasa (who’ve lived far longer in Stockholm then I have) also showed up and we had quite the time.

The fact that I haven’t met any of them during these two last years that I’ve lived here is quite interesting. Sure, Stockholm is a large city, but it isn’t that large, and the fact that I regularly meet people from Vasa seemingly at random on the streets when they’re here on vacation makes it even more astounding.


Anyway, nice night out, had a blast, didn’t like the hangover. And for the beer lovers — we drank the Finnish beer Karhu (I didn’t even know that any bars here in Stockholm served it)

New camera body


For those of you who follow me on twitter might have noticed my tweets about getting a new camera body, the Canon EOS M, a very hated camera amongst reviewers.

While I do intend on writing a proper review about it, so far my impression of the camera has been quite good, or rather, it’s what I’d expect from a camera without a OVF — it’s a lot slower than a DSLR, but I wouldn’t put the blame solely on the EOS M, this is what I’d expect from any point-and-shoot camera.

There’s a couple of reasons why I wanted it, size, quality, compatibility and price. It’s a small light-weight camera with the same APS-C sensor that’s in a lot of the entry/mid-level Canon cameras, it’s fully compatible with all Canon EF/EF-s/EF-m lenses (with an adapter) and the price is really low at the moment (probably because it got a very bad reputation amongst reviewers and that it seems like Canon is phasing this model out).

Now you might ask yourselves why I need to camera bodies? Well that’s going to be more apparent next month, so stay tuned.

Game of the week, 2048


Most of you have probably already heard, and probably already played the game 2048, which is a small web-browser game where you add different tiles until you’ve added enough tiles to get one large 2048-tile.

I’ve played it rigorously these last few days, I mean, I’ve spent hours playing it, across laptop, tablet and phone. And so far I’ve only managed once to “win” the game. It’s highly addictive and really hard, so go play it, like go play it now.