New year, new snow

January 3, 2016

As usual, me and Paulina spent the new year’s eve calmly at home. But for the first time, in a couple of years, Paulina wasn’t a sleep at midnight, so we ventured out and watched the fireworks from the beach here on Lauttasaari. I tried to get some pictures, but I wasn’t able to get anything that was really good, so nothing to post.

One of the biggest news this week, and I might even venture out and say, the biggest news of 2015, is that Paulina, after doing a phenomenal job, though a bit nervous for the last test, got her driver’s license!

She aced the theory part on her first try, and was also able to get through the practical test without a hitch, so from the 30th December and onward, Paulina’s finally allowed to drive a car.

Negative 8 degrees celsius outside, the perfect weather for some kayaking.

I’m really proud of her! Now, the only problem we have is that we currently don’t own a car, which in turn means she’s unable to drive, and one of the most important things to do once you’ve gotten through the driver exam, is to drive, a lot. When I got my driver’s license back when I was 18, I drove 40,000 km in my first year, which did a lot for my confidence as a driver. Each year after that I drove around 20,000 km annually until we moved to Sweden.

Though I don’t drive a lot now a days, whenever I get behind the wheel, it only takes a couple of minutes before I feel right at home, and I think that’s largely because I drove a lot when I initially got my license.

So now we need to get a car for Paulina.


I’ve spent the last couple of days of my vacation just relaxing, and waiting for snow. The temperature’s been below 0 ever since we got back from Vaasa, but there’s basically been zero downfall.

But nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed the weather a lot so far, just wish it could get a bit colder, like negative 20 would be perfect, but I guess I shouldn’t get greedy.

But then, the last day of my vacation, I finally got some snowfall.

Finally, winter has begun.

Even though the forecast said it would snow all day long, it only snowed for a couple of hours, but enough for the ground the get evenly covered, which was awesome. This is, for me, the first proper snowfall this year (year as in the winter between 2015 and 2016), as in the snow has actually stuck to the ground, during my Vaasa visit it snowed here in Helsinki, but since I wasn’t here, it doesn’t really count.

Naturally I spent most of the day outside, just enjoying the beginning, even though it’s late, of the winter.