New week, new city, new job.

April 5, 2015

The day I’ve been waiting for finally came this week. I started at Idean. I was really nervous the first day, and when I get nervous, I get a bit shy, though I did try to be as social as possible, but not knowing any of the people, it was kind of hard. Though I was pleasantly surprised how friendly everybody is, everyone at the office knew that I was starting, and everywhere I turned, I got greeted by a smiling face, welcoming me to the family.


We had an on-boarding meeting where Johanna presented the company, who works there, the hierarchy structure, what software we use, etc. She also gave me a goodie-bag box, which contained my new computer, a phone and lots of etc small tidbits (pair of sunglasses, pens, lenses for the iphone and what not). I would’ve wanted to take pictures from the office, but decided against it, mostly because I didn’t want to be that guy, who runs around with a camera, documenting everything — at least not yet.

I spent the rest of the first day just setting up my computer, which is a Macbook Pro, I’ve generally always used Windows based machines for work, but I wanted to have a proper terminal, and seeing as I need the Adobe family of software, I can’t choose Linux; which is why I decided to get an Apple machine instead. Finding and installing the software that I needed wasn’t different from installing a Windows or Linux machine, the biggest hurdle I’ve had so far is to get used to the hot-keys that mac use, apparently they have pretty much nothing in common with Windows and Linux. There’s just too many modifier keys for my liking — but my god is it worth it, I really like having a real, working, unix terminal.

After I got the machine ready, I started to browse through older projects that Idean has made, mostly to familiarize my self with the coding structure and the way the projects are built.

The second day of work I got to jump in to a project made in Node.js, I haven’t really dabble that much in Node, but I love Javascript, so it came pretty natural.

The week got cut short because of Easter, so I only got two days of work done, but I’m really looking forward to next week, when I hopefully get to start working on some real projects.

The Metro

Even though there’s no metro that goes to where I live, I wanted to try it out. The metro in Helsinki is pretty unknown, and it was only just a couple of years ago that I was made aware that there actually is a metro here, though to be fair, it’s only a single line. Anyway, it is — in short — the best metro I’ve ever used, not a lot of people, clean, lots of space and reasonably quiet.


I was a bit shocked over how orange it is, but you get used to it fairly quickly. According to city plans, the metro line will be extended to my neighborhood next year, and they are, as we speak (or write(?)), building the subway station just a single block from my apartment. Oh how I look forward to not having to rely on buses.


The only weird thing about the metro is the platform screen, which shows how long it is until the next train arrives. As you can see above, they’ve written “Ruoholahti/Gr√§sviken 02:00”, I had a bit of trouble discerning the time, the “00” part is static, which made me think that the next train will arrive at 2 AM, but that couldn’t be right, because they close the subway at 10 PM, my next guess was hours, which also didn’t make sense. Finally I decided that it had to be minutes, but I can’t quite grasp why they haven’t made the seconds count down, or instead, why not just skip them and write out “2 min”?

Anyway, love the subway, it’s great.

And finally, to end this post, a small bonus, I found something that felt a lot like Sweden.