New computer incoming

June 15, 2011

Yesterday when I was rendering some timelapse footage I tried a new workflow that I read about here, where Patryk Kinzy explains his usual workflow while making time lapse videos.

My workflow has always consisted of rendering out jpgs from camera raw files, but he uses the camera raw files directly in his videoediting software.

Anyway I tried this and the rendering time exploded, took about 40 minuters to render 10 seconds of footage, whilst with jpg, this sequence would usual take a few minutes of rendering time. Though I liked the idea of skipping the jpeg export part, my really, really old home computer wasn’t up for the task. My first idea was to put up a rendering farm with lots of old laptops I’ve got laying around, but I came to the conclusion that this would only do two things, my electricty bill would skyrocket and the rendering time would almost stay the same.

So my second solution is to buy a new computer. Time lapsing is only something I do on a amateur/hobby level, I don’t want to spend to much cash, so I set my budget to be around 200€. A short visit to multitronicand 240€ poorer, I’ve now got a new computer incoming.

Now this is no power horse per se, but I think it’ll do better than my old AMD x2 4800+ with 2GB ram.