Networking and board games

January 27, 2013

The main agenda last week was to document the complete internal core network of bazooka. In preparation for a planned power block out on Thursday. Seeing as I am the on responsible for the network I saw this as a great chance to actually get familiar with the different servers on our network. We host about 10 physical servers in our office, some of them being hypervisors bringing the total of servers to around 15.

The documentation for the network is somewhat iffy, some things have changed since the documentation and therefore I decided to start over, doing an almost complete inventory of the setup. And I’ll tell you that Nmap¬†is an invaluable asset when it comes to searching for, and identifying hosts on the network.

As some of you know, deep winter, the server which I host among other things, this website, is located at the bazooka office, which meant that my page was inaccessible for a few hours. And, sadly, my up-time is back to only a few days because of this.

Anyway, come Thursday, a few colleagues had decided to stay with me through out the downtime. We decided to play a board game based on the popular TV-serie “Game of Thrones“. Generally speaking, I don’t really like board games, but in the lack of electricity, your choices of things to do are somewhat limited.

Game of Thrones

The rules of the game were kind of complicated, and it took us probably about one and a half hour just to go through most of the rules. But once we started playing, the game was really enjoyable, to my surprise, I had an awesome time.

I’m pretty sure you probably think I’m only saying this because I won or something. Well, actually, I lost, came in at the last place, but it sure was a fun game.