Network update

September 14, 2013

We got a letter notifying us that they were going to upgrade the core network equipment in our house and that we should either leave our keys to some random people so they can install the new fiber switch in our apartment our if we’d rather install it ourselves (“install” being a bit of a stretch seeing as you only unplug the old one and plug in the new one) we could get it from them on Wedneseday morning between 07:30-08:00 AM. I don’t like the thought having strangers roaming freely in our apartment, so naturally I chose the second option. Our old switch had a total of 10 ethernet ports, 5 for random computer-like devices, and another five ports for TV’s and phones. The new switch only has 4 ports, where each ports is specifically assigned for a specific device, meaning you’ll only have one port for your computer network, this is probably not a problem for 98% of the people living here, just plugin in your router and you’re set, but in my case, I need at least two ports, one for my core network and a second one for my outward facing private server network (I need to separate the networks in case one of the outward facing server’s would be breached). I solved this problem by using the old fiber switch as a normal switch between the new switch, my router and my server network, not a hard problem to solve, but now I have three devices between me and the actual fiber, which I feel is unnecessary figuring they could’ve just added more ports to the new switch.


After the network switch I’ve noticed problems with some large webpages, from the looks of it, it seems like the webpages are unresponsive, but both pinging the servers and trace-routing the servers work (ruling out network issues and DNS problems)m though there are a lot of questionable jumps between my ISPs servers. If I tunnel my traffic through my web-server, which is located at another place here in Stockholm, all the problems disappear (ruling out server issues). Being paranoid as I am, I’ve started wondering if they’ve added a transparent proxy on the network and that’s why some pages won’t work correctly, though the reasonable part of my brain is trying, in all it’s might, to reassure me that I’m just being unreasonably paranoid. And my ISP is well known, across the world actually, of protecting the open internet.