My everyday carry – EDC – 2019

April 13, 2019

So this is what’s in my pockets or on my person on any given day, my everyday carry or EDC for short. Here’s Adam Savage’s EDC for reference.

I don’t really carry that much, but once I actually emptied out my pockets, I noticed that there’s actually more than I had initially expected.

Depending on the weather I’ll carry two pair of glasses, my normal prescription glasses (Ray-ban 5228), and if it’s sunny, I’ll also carry my prescription sunglasses (Ray-ban 2448n). So actually the sunglasses aren’t technically everyday carry, but it’s close enough.

Small stainless steel medicine holder for the key chain

On my keychain, I only carry the one key, my home key. I don’t like my keys taking a lot of space, so that’s why I only carry one, because I’ll use it on a daily basis, and I don’t want to carry around extra keys that I don’t need to (car keys, etc.).

I have the classic “remove before flight” tag attached to my key. I’ve worn through a bunch of these, this is, I think, my third one since 2012. I like it because it’s red and easily distinguishable from others. It also makes it a lot easier to grab out of my pocket. Not the prettiest of things, but I’m so used to it now that I don’t think I could replace it with anything else.

I tend to get headaches at the worst of times, so I also wear a small stainless steel waterproof medicine capsule which fits exactly a single 1 gram paracetamol pill.

As for phones, I use the Iphone SE 64GB as my main device, mostly because of the size (and I like the design far better than the more modern Iphones). Being as small as it is, it fits in basically any pocket, and it weighs next to nothing. I tend not to use my phone that much, but instead for random media consumption I’ll reach for my ipad 10.5″ pro instead.

Couple of years ago I used to have this godawful humongous leather bifold, with receipts, cash, and too many cards to count. I had the wallet in my back pocket, so basically sitting on it throughout the day.

But as I grew older I noticed that I was having a lot of back pains, and from a quick couple of google searches, I found out that the wallet was to blame. So I switched to a small card holder, only holding my most essential cards. And, I don’t carry my wallet in my back pocket anymore.

My current wallet is from a company called Saddler.

Space shuttle STS-27 commemorative coin and the davey jones locker coin from dead on paper

I guess the more interesting of things that I carry is worry coins, I own a bunch of different coins, and I generally only wear one at a time, but in this case I’ve got two.

A commemorative coin for the Space Shuttle launch, STS-27, on the second of December 1988 (my birth year, and first launch after the challenger disaster), and a Davey Jones Locker coin from Dead on paper’s Hobo Coins Series II.

I use the coins for fiddling or playing around when I’m waiting for something, or give it to my daughter for distraction.

Works fairly well. Doesn’t take too much space, and it’s quite fun just flipping the coin. These are fairly large for being coins, at 39mm, so there’s no chance of mistaking them for actual currency (all the euro coins are far smaller).

Alpha Explorer Miyota 8215 watch on a leather strap

And last but not least, my watch, just as the coins, I own a bunch of different watches, and I routinely rotate them.

In this case I’ve got an Alpha Explorer on a aftermarket leather strap. This specific watch is powered by a Miyota 8215 automatic movement, which has the loudest rotor I’ve ever owned.

And that’s basically it. That’s what I’ve got on me. Generally speaking, a lot of people carry knives, and flashlights and what not. Each to their own, but I don’t think I’d find much use of that on an everyday basis.

So, what’s your EDC?