Moon, zombies and movie

August 17, 2014

After last week’s disaster post, I’ve tried to compile some more interesting stuff — or not, depending on what kind of person you are. Generally speaking, this week has almost been as boring as the last one, but this time I’ve got pictures, which solves all the problems of the world!

Shooting for the moon

Remember that old Sigma lens I picked up? Since I got it I’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to shoot the moon. We had a full moon last Sunday and as luck would have it, it was a super moon. The bad thing with the moon is you can’t take awesome pictures of it when it’s full, that’s simply because there are no shadows in the craters, which makes the image pretty flat.

I did however take pictures of the full moon, but they came out, as expected, pretty dull. I waited a few days and took the following shot.

omfg, has craters, click on it for a the a large version (or here, I don’t care)

The photo was taken with the Sigma FD 600mm on a crop camera (Canon 60D), I didn’t use the 2x teleconverter, and I’ll tell you why; When shooting the moon you need to set the settings for shooting at a normal sunny day (the moon after all reflects the sunlight) this gives a nice, fast shutter. My problem was that the moon was behind a haze of high-altitude clouds, which not only dimmed the moon, but also made focusing rather hard.

And I noticed something that I haven’t before, the moon moves in an incredible speed (3683 kph), when shooting at 2400mm you basically only had a few seconds before the moon was so misaligned you need to reset the tripod. This in combination of a dimmed moon (slow shutter speed), made the shot basically impossible, so I settled with the 600mm without the converter. I feel that the photo did turn out alright, could’ve waited a few more days, but we’ve had a lot of clouds, so I haven’t been able to shoot it again.

Stockholm Zombie Walk 2014

By a pretty random coincident I noticed a small article about the Stockholm Zombie Walk, and that it would take place 16th of August i.e. the very next day.

So of course, just like last year, I had to head out and watch some zombies. Paulina wasn’t able to make it because she had to be at work. Anyway, the event would start at 1 PM, being me, I got there 10 minutes early, and to my surprise I could only see like 10 zombies, and probably around 20 photographers.

Anyway, I decided to stay, and within the hour a lot of new zombies arrived (and also more photographers).

Zombie love?

Call of duty death

Even spray painters were represented

All of the zombies were really nice, as soon as you pointed your camera at them, they started acting, which was great. My biggest problem is getting near people, I think I’ve talked about this before, but I’m seriously shy when it comes to photography, it’s awkward to take people’s pictures — a specially when it’s up close and personal, the sad thing is that I know my images would be a lot better if I got closer, but I just can’t.

Anyway, want to see more images? They’re up on my flick feed, so go ahead, look at some zombies.

Guardians of the Galaxy

To be really honest, I haven’t really cared about the new Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy, my expectation was zero, so I wasn’t in a hurry to watch it. This Friday I didn’t have anything else to do, and a lot of my friends have told me that the movie’s great and according to IMDB, it’s currently rated at 8.7 (which is pretty high).

It was kind of hard to find a screening that wasn’t in 3D, you might wonder why I constantly avoid 3D like the plague and that’s because I have amblyopia which is a vision condition (got it from a childhood accident), meaning I lack stereo vision which in turn means that a 3D movie is a normal 2D movie for me, except that I have to wear uncomfortable glasses.

Anyway, it turned out that the Movie theatre Saga was showing the 2D version.


And what about the movie? It was great. Actually, it was awesomely great — simply one of the best Marvel movies so far.

New functionality

I’ve added some new functionality to the blog, per Dennis Klein‘s request. First of all, the images on the front page and under the category pages are clickable. The second thing I’ve implemented is search functionality, at first it was powered by the WordPress plugin Relevanssi, but I didn’t really like it, so I’ve rebuilt the backend so it uses sphinx search for more awesomeness. Click on the search-button in the menu (you might need to refresh a few times in order to update the CSS and JS, I’ve got some pretty heavy caching going on).