Monday on Thursday

November 22, 2015

The whole week has been a bit confusing. A friend, with whom I attended primary school with, started his own web development company, Monday, with another guy earlier this year. And I’ve had a chance to work with him during the summer. A couple of weeks ago, me and my colleagues got an invitation to their office-warming party.


So we’ve had a lot of discussions at the office that basically went a long these lines:

– So, are you going to the Monday party?
– What party on Monday?
– No, it’s on Thursday.
– Oh, you mean the Monday party on Thursday.

Anyway, the party started at 5 PM, so me and Sami left our office around 4 o’clock, since we had some time to kill, we decided to just walk from Lauttasaari to Monday’s office, which is located pretty centrally in down town Helsinki.


We got to the party almost exactly at 5 o’clock, and there were already a bunch of people there. We shook hands and tried to mingle to the best of our ability (remember, we’re developers). We sat around, had a couple of beers, and just talked with people. The office was kind of small, but really nice and cozy — they’re only two people, so I’d say any bigger office than what they had, would’ve probably been too big.

After a couple of hours, Sami and I left, since we both live on Lauttasaari, we decided to just walk back again. Though this time, it was raining, and in the middle of our walk, it was literally pissing down. Thankfully, I had a waterproof jacket on me, and a pair of water proof shoes, so no harm done.



So, I finally got to try powder based food. It was interesting, and I was quite surprised on how much I disliked Ambronite. I could’ve guessed that it wouldn’t taste good, but just how awful it was, I couldn’t have imagined.

But fear not, I’m still quite confident in these sorts of products, and I’m set on trying some other brand, before completely dismissing meal replacements.

Rubik’s cube

The cube that makes no-sense, with 43 quintillion different possible combinations. So as I sat bored out of my mind Saturday night, I decided to give it a go.

That wasn’t one of my brightest ideas, after playing around with the cube for half an hour, I decided to look up the different moves on how to solve it.


It took me a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes before I solved it the first time. I got stuck on getting the yellow side correct (as in just so all the yellow pieces are facing the same direction, but the sides don’t need to be correct), I’m sure I spent 40 minutes on just that, having to restart a couple of times, before finally getting everything together.

When done, I re-scrambled the cube, and actually managed to solve it only 13 minutes. Which is just 12 minutes and 4 seconds slower than Johan. I asked him how long it took for him to learn the different moves by heart, and he told me it took him a weekend, and then a lot of practicing. I gave it a couple of hours today again, but got incredibly frustrated by not remembering everything.


Currently I can get the white side, plus the first layer correct, and then, nothing, I just can’t remember how to continue. I keep having to go look up the combinations for moving items, but at this point, they get so long and complicated, that I can’t remember them. I end up just looking at the pictures, copying off each move, but never actually understanding what happens.

Almost snow

This weekend snow started to dominate my facebook feed. Apparently luck has struck Vaasa and they get to enjoy some winter. Meanwhile, here in Helsinki, no snow as of yet.


But the last couple of days, every now and then, a couple of snowflakes have come down, it’s like the conditions are correct, it’s just that the sky doesn’t want to open up and start to properly snow.

At one point I was completely certain that snowfall was imminent, so I got my camera gear and went out for a walk. Walked around Lautasaari for over an hour, but nothing, just a couple of snowflakes coming down every now and then.

The good thing with this blog is that I keep a record when the first snow falls, and last year, in Stockholm, the snow arrived around 9th of November, so we’re currently two weeks over last year’s first snowfall.