Mini vacation, before the vacation

July 7, 2013

This weekly update comes a bit late, the reason being that I’ve been on the Åland Islands the whole weekend. A pre-vacation vacation you might say.

We went here for two reasons, to meet up with our friend Herman (just as we did last time), and the second reason being that he’s a hairstylist and he agreed to do us both a favor and clean us up in for the wedding next week (which I’ve also talked earlier about).

The vacation

We arrived at Åland late Friday evening/night at about 11 PM (Finnish time-zone), Herman and his brother were there waiting to pick us up. We sat on his balcony for a few hours before going to bed, because both he and his brother had things to do early on the morning the next day.


Once we woke up, me and Paulina, Herman was just about to arrive back from work. He had bought some groceries for a pic-nic he had planned for us. We went out to this rocky place just beside the harbour, where all the passenger-ferries arrive and depart. The weather was spectacular, a bit windy, but sunny and warm. After we had eaten the food, which included Lonkero, my favorite Finnish alcoholic-beverage, we hanged about for a couple of hours, but both Paulina and Herman wanted to go for a swim, but the place we were at was a bit too rocky so we changed location and went to a beach instead.


I didn’t feel like swimming, so I sat it out and just enjoyed the view, the beach that we were at had a small café, and the owner had a dog that I kind of came a bit attached to.



We were out for maybe five to six hours in the sun, which means I actually think I got a tan. Anyway, later on we went to fetch pizza from Kotipizza, probably the best pizza place in the world.


After we had sunbathed some more on the balcony it was time to head out to Herman’s workplace, a hairdresser studio in central Mariehamn, where he cut and trimmed my hair, and lightened up Paulina’s hair color. I think this is the first time that I actually have hairstyle, I usually just grow it out, and trim it to 3mm, a bit like grass.

We got back to the apartment quite late, and Herman started to “whip” up, it tasted delicious, and I only say whip up because that’s what Herman called it, I’d rather called one of the best meals I’ve had since the last time I was on Åland.
We sat up until the break of dawn listening to mostly Finnish pop music from the ’70’s and the ’80’s, which is a thing that I really can’t say I’ve done before.


The next morning we had a huge breakfast on the balcony..


.. and was served a really nice blueberry pie as dessert.

The boat ride home was really uneventful, just me and Paulina sitting and playing on our phones (the boat ride is a bout 2 and a half hour).

All in all, a great weekend, but I gotta say it’s kind of nice being back home.



I don’t necessarily hate apple, I’ve just haven’t used their products that much. And at work I’m a strong proponent for using Linux on the servers and windows on the desktop computers.
Anyway, late one afternoon, as I was just about to go home I stood at a colleagues desk and discussing a project. I was holding my laptop against my chest when one of the project managers approached me, he asked if he could see my laptop. I figured he wanted to look at the stickers that I had on it so I gladly showed him, and that’s when he smacked a big white apple sticker on my computer and ran off.
This was probably one of the funniest incidents I’ve had this week.