Midsummer, in January?

January 25, 2015

This week we’ve gotten a lot of snow, it hasn’t been all too cold, but cold enough for the snow to last a bit longer. Anyway, Dan, Bazooka’s CEO turned 40 at the beginning of this month, and his favourite holiday is Midsummer, and this week he held his birthday party, and the theme? Midsummer.

Mosebacke in winter
This is how most of Stockholm looks like at the moment


Anyway, I put on some typical midsummer clothes and went to the party. In retrospect I feel I should’ve taken a picture of myself, seeing as this is a blog, and I had a discussion with somebody who told me blogs are mostly about “the daily outfit” and “what food have I eaten”. I did however score some pictures of food.

Midsummer food with the Swedish flag

It’s a bit strange to eat typical Swedish midsummer food, when it’s dark and snowy outside. But there’s a first for everything, right?

Strawberries and the Swedish flag

The party started at 6 PM, I’m usually the type of guy who loves to be on time, and that’s a property that doesn’t go well with parties. I tend to be one of the first guests to arrive, so this time I decided to try and be a bit late. I forced myself not to get ready before 5:30 PM, but sadly this wasn’t enough, I left my apartment at 5:50 and arrived at the party 20 minutes later, but the good news is that I wasn’t the first to arrive.

Midsummer pole
I love the fact that Dan went the extra mile and actually rented a midsummer pole.

A couple of hours in to the evening and the place was pretty packed, I’d guestimate that we were about 60 guests, and everybody were outfitted for summer, some even had shorts and flip-flops, how they got to the party is beyond me, but I’ve seen stranger things in Stockholm.

I had a great time, even though I didn’t really know half of all the people. And just as the actual party started, I felt it was time to leave before things got out of hand.

When I got home Paulina had made some dinner, and just after I had ate, I went to sleep, slept for 10 hours and woke up just a bit hungover — and I’m actually really happy I left when I did, because I can only presume that I wouldn’t be in such a great shape today if I hadn’t.