Microsoft Xbox @ E3

June 6, 2011

Highlights I was interested in:

New xbox dashboard – Finding out that the xbox dashboard will be updated again, with the metro UI, is awesome!

Kinect Fun Labs – Nice to see that they’ll let indie and homebrew developers do their magic. And to show off that the kinect can see finger gestures is a nice feature, now if they could only spit out an RPG or RTS with finger gestures.

Halo 4 – Well nice looking teaser, but it didn’t really reveal anything that we didn’t know, except maybe, just maybe, that the planet isn’t dead. (But we can’t rule out that the planet isn’t controlled by some kind of AI).

[update 7.6.2011]

Engadget is reporting that xbox live will offer online game saves and profile saves (Finally, how long have playstation had this?). And they will also offer some kind of beacon thing, wehere you can flag what you want to play instead of just what you are playing. (Link to article)

Whatch the trailer on youtube