Metro UI template for

December 18, 2011

[Update: 11.06.2012]

Go here for the free wordpress template based on


Loving my WP7 phone, Microsoft finally released what they promised andCarlos gave me inspiration after he launched his new site.

I got a great urge to do something similar. So I redesigned with a Metro UI style interface. Mind you this is a few hours work so I can’t guarantee that everything will work everywhere. But I’ve reused and modified lots of code that I’ve released earlier on this site like the RSS Parser.

It’s best viewed under Windows 7 or any OS with the font Segoe UI.

It should work with atleast Chrome and Firefox.

So without spoiling too much, check it out at [removed link]. (Idle on the index page and you’ll see magic ;))

Update: 23.12.2011

And now I’m using it as default template 🙂 Removed link.