Meet my nephew

July 28, 2014

As I said in the last weekly update, this one was going to be a tad late because I was leaving for Vaasa over the weekend. The primary reason that I went to Vaasa was to meet my nephew Tobias, basically I was going to spend as much time by his side that I could.

My nephew, Tobias, 1 months old.


His parents, Victoria and Ville, are both avid BMW fans, and this weekend the yearly BMW meet-up Bimmerparty was taking place in Kalajoki some 200 km north of Vaasa, naturally, being somewhat of a car enthusiast, I decided to join.

Our ride, a BMW X5

We packed up the car, me, Tobias, Victoria, Ville and their neighbour son Jamie. It’s usually a two hour drive, but this time, seeing we had a baby with us, it became a 3 hour drive instead. I had wanted to take a lot of pictures for the blog, but sadly Tobias wasn’t very co-operative because of the heat, so we spent most of the day in the air-conditioned car. Though I did manage to take a few mediocre non-action pictures.

bimmer party
The bimmerparty sign

They did some quarter mile runs

And seeing as BMW is German…

Kalajoki is a giant sand bowl, dust everywhere.

The rest of the weekend was spent in Laihia (20 km south of Vaasa), playing with Tobias, he’s only 1 months old, so truth be told, there wasn’t a lot of playing opposed to crying — but he does have one of the cutest cries I’ve ever heard, so it was fun nonetheless.

Tobias resting on his mother’s shoulder

What’s a vacation without a boat?

Can you think of a better way to spend a summer evening?

I did spend one evening with Linus, he’s bought a house and boat north of Vaasa, so naturally we had to go try it out in the sunset. The weather was exceptionally warm, even out at sea, I did had an extra sweater, but it was kind of unnecessary. The boat called something-coral manufactured by a Chinese company was surprisingly stable, and with a 90 HP engine the boat was able to move in speeds up to 60 km/h, which feels a lot faster at sea than on the road.

Mustasaari’s pride, the Replot bridge

We went to Replot, a nearby collection of islands in Vaasa’s archipelago. The Replot bridge, which is kind of famous, had a lovely silhouette in the summer sunset. It was also the first time that I’ve seen the bridge from the sea (I’ve driven over it with a car more times than I could care to mention).

The water was exceptionally calm.

Two years, time flies.

I’ve also played around with a bb-gun with Ville, you know, because Vaasa

All in all, a great weekend. I’m sitting at Vaasa airport as I’m writing this, and it’s actually kind of hard to go back home again, I’d love to spend more time with Tobias.

A funny thing that I thought of sitting here in the airport is that two years ago, I sat at this same airport, bags packed, getting ready for a new adventure, for today, almost on the exact same day (one day off), I was moving to Sweden, leaving the comforts of a familiar town for a large city with lots of opportunities.

And it’s interesting that today, just like two years ago, the feelings are mixed.