Love and marriage

July 15, 2013

This Thursday my vacation started, and I went straight from work to the Finland-ferry and headed back “home” (Vasa). Ever since the last time I went to Vasa by boat (Christmas), I’ve had this problem with falling a sleep in the small cabins, this time was no exception and I lay awake most of the night between Thursday and Friday.
As we were driving up from Turku, a long the infamous Poritie (Pori road) I really questioned my decision on skipping my flight and travelling by car and boat.

Anyway, the first thing I did as we had arrived to Vasa was to go to my bank, I had to get a check as a wedding gift for my sister who was about to get married the next day, I’m having a bit of trouble remembering the rest of that day because I had only gotten a lousy two hours sleep the earlier evening (on the boat).


I slept in a few hours on Saturday, and then stressed to get ready for the wedding. I was one of the three bestmen, and therefore I had to look my best when standing at the altar, I was also assigned the duty of signing the papers as a witness for the marriage. (I’m in the middle, and I’ve shamelessly stolen this picture from Facebook, just as I have with the main picture)

Because of my poor decision to sleep in, I hadn’t had time to eat any breakfast, and the wedding-dinner was to be served at 6 PM, so I mingled with a lot of people whilst starving (and I usually get really grumpy if I’m hungry, but because of the circumstances, I held back the urge to be rude). Once we actually started to eat, it had gone too far and I had already developed a pretty aggressive headache, which lasted the night out. I did try to do my best and be as friendly as I could, but now in retrospect, I feel I could’ve done better without complaining so much.

All in all, the wedding was great, it was a joy to meet so many of my relatives, and the bridal couple were really gorgeous!

I did bring my camera, but the social me took control which led to me being to busy to take any photos. Though in all fairness, I did try to leave my camera at random tables to see if someone would pick it up and shoot some pictures for me. Though that plan didn’t work out all that well.