Loop Troop Rockers — Debaser Strand

November 16, 2014

Being a long time fan of Loop Troop, I obviously jump on any chance to see them live. This time they played at Debaser Strand (located in Hornstull, Stockholm).

I had pretty much looked forward to this all week, and of course, come Wednesday, I got an headache. After playing around with the thought of not going at all, I decided against it, and went even though my head protested loudly. Debaser was going to open at 7 PM, so I met up with Paulina, Sandra and Roni at a nearby bar. I ordered a cola, and received a brand that I’ve never tasted before, let alone heard of — RC cola, it tasted all right though, but I can’t imagine who in their right mind would’ve thought “RC Cola, yeah, that’ll make a great substitute for Coca Cola”.


We stayed at the bar for roughly an hour and a half, so we got to strand some time around 7-8:ish PM, Calle, Elias and Lisa were already waiting, besides the three of them, the place was basically empty (but people started to flood in right before Loop Troop was getting on). We asked the bouncer when the band was getting on, and he said that they should start playing no later than 9 PM, because the location of Debaser Strand, the band would have to get off before 11 PM (the place is right below of a apartment complex).

The pre-music that they were playing was pretty bad, and the sound technician had really fucked up when it came to the sound mix, instead of playing music, it sounded like somebody wanted to trash the speakers. I wrote it off, thinking that they’ll probably fix it before the band gets on.

They didn’t.


Once they started playing, I had a hard time even recognizing which track they were playing, and I stood there really wishing I had a pair of earplugs, because not only did my head hurt from the headache, the sound made my ears feel numb. But even though the sound was bad, Loop Troop gave a great show, lots of energy on the stage — and as usual, it’s always fun to see them live.



After the show, when they took down the sound levels, my ears were completely numb, it felt a bit like having my head inside of a can — not that I’ve ever tried, but if I had to imagine what I thought having one’s head in a can would sound like, it would’ve been like that.



When I got home, the white-noise in my ears continued, and everything I heard was pretty muffled. Though I decided that it was probably my ears being exhausted, and that I needed to sleep.

6 hours later.

Woke up to a muffled and ringing world, I asked Paulina whether she still had problems with her ears, she didn’t, she had completely recovered. At this point I got a bit scared to tell you the truth, getting tinnitus is one of the things on my list of “never-wants”. After a quick google-query, I found lots of people with ringing ears after a concert, so I hoped that it would go away.

And so it did, or kind of. A couple of days have past, and I still have a slight ringing noise in my left ear, but it’s a lot better since Thursday morning, so I’ve got my hopes up. And I want to be clear, I blame nobody but myself, I should’ve brought earplugs, and I should’ve moved further back in the room when I started to feel that my ears were getting tired.

Should’ve, would’ve, could’ve, didn’t.