“Life, don’t talk to me about life”

February 7, 2016

it’s been a very stressful week, and it feels like nothing’s gone my way, at all.

I’ve been really happy about my A7, but the kit lens doesn’t feel right, and as I wrote last week, I’ve already purchased an adapter, and that adapter should’ve turned up last week, but I’ve yet to receive it. I was actually angry Friday afternoon when I got home, and I hadn’t received any package. I truly hate the post office (but there still better than DHL/UPS/Insert-acronym)

Fog, lots of fog.

I’m going to Stockholm in a couple of weeks, and as I guess most people know, Sweden’s closed down their borders. So I randomly checked my passport and noticed that it’ll expire next week, fair enough, I’ll need a new. I checked online on how I should order a new one. Go to a photographer, they’ll take your picture and send it to the police. You’ll get a code from the photographer which you can use online to apply for your passport, you should have it in 5-8 working days.

Awesome! I thought, I followed the instructions, and started the application. As soon as I had entered my name I got a notice, “You’ll have to visit your local police to hand over your finger prints for the biometric part of the passport”, all right, I’ll have to book a time with the police. I kept going; “Please attach proof that you’ve completed your military conscription”, what? Seriously? In this day and age, you’d think that the Finnish government would know who’s done their conscription, and who’s not.

I really need to find some more colorful subjects to shoot.

Well I had to dig through a shitload of my old papers before finally finding my discharge papers. And on I went with the application. After I had finally paid for the ordeal (44€) I had to book a time. Apparently, the capital city of Finland only have one, a single, uno, en, ein, police office that you can book a time at. Like seriously, one building, for the entire population of Helsinki (that’s a total of 599,676 people).

Obviously, there weren’t a single available time slot until some time in March. And to make matters worse, the police headquarters isn’t even in the city central, but up north in Pasila, so not only do I have to leave early from work, but I’ll probably have to leave an hour or two early, just to get there. And that’s not even the end of it, their crappy booking system didn’t even work correctly, so only at the third time was I able to book a time slot.

Piece of shit.

There’s not a single chance in hell that I’ll get my passport before I leave, but luckily, according to the Swedish Police, I’ll only need a valid driver’s license from one of the Nordic countries. And I’ve got one of the old driver’s licenses, which is valid for a whooping fifty years. And from what I’ve read, there’s probably not even a control at Arlanda.

But the weather hasn’t been on my side.

There’s loads of other irritating things that have happened, but let’s not concentrate on that. Instead, I decided to buy myself something, an old Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 from 1972. I’ve already got a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8, but the focusing ring on it is just worthless, and one of the things that I’ve looked forward to is using old vintage lenses, and I might as well start with my favorite focal length.

Canon FD 50mm f/1.8

I own a Canon FD to EF adapter (with an internal glas element), it really degrades the image quality, but it works for testing a lens. Sadly, I don’t own a Canon FD to Sony E mount, so I had to order one from ebay, and who knows when it’ll arrive. But the general feeling of the lens is really nice, butter smooth focus ring, and the aperture ring clicks like it should.

Aperture blades

I could’ve gone with a more, eh, “modern” Canon FDn 50mm, but decided to go with the first version, mostly, or primarily because the older one has six aperture blades instead of the five blades that the FDn and the modern EF 50mm’s have.

Here’s for hopefully a better week next week.