Let the holidays begin!

December 14, 2013

I only had one workday this week, and then my holiday started. I tried to minimize my summer holiday so I could get a longer winter holiday. Yeah, I’m one of those crazy people who enjoy winter more than summer. Sadly the snow we got last week has completely melted, and the temperature is back to above zero degrees Celsius.

updating my website

So what have I accomplished? I’ve done laundry, which was way over due. I’ve also written a new blog post for the coding section about content-security-policy (at over 1800 words I believe that it’s the longest post to date). I ended up having to update some of the code on my own site in order to fully comply with the CSP header. All in all I had to eliminate two plugins, and rewrite them (Google analytics and Syntax highlighter evolved).

Remember that thing I talked about last week? The Christmas card? Well the guys at work finished it, and the final cut is really awesome. Check it out if you’ve ignored my facebook and twitter posts!

Bazooka Christmas Party

We had our yearly company Christmas party this Thursday, which was really fun. We had a grow-a-beard contest were the winners would be crowned during the party. I didn’t win, but, and this is important, I didn’t lose either. I actually got disqualified, because I shaved before the party.

The dinner was held at an O’learys (not the crappy one at Centralstationen) beneath the Tele2 arena near Globen. It was this huge place which included bowling alleys. All in all it was a great night, and I really loved hanging out with my coworkers.


Carlos in town

Carlos arrived late Friday evening. Haven’t seen him since he moved to the UK one and a half years ago. I was pretty surprised seeing him again, because he looks exactly like he did the last time I saw him.
We decided to just grab a beer and then go home, which we did, we then spent the night arguing about things, like we always do. It’s actually quite fun, we both work in the same way that we argue about things, even though we really don’t care about it, but we argue for the sake of arguing.

The next morning we went out to find some coffee, Carlos has this quirk that he only wants to drink quality coffee (yeah, I know, whaat?). As we where walking about he kept on complaining about different font choices, thus, he was given a new nickname, Carlos Sans – The ruler of crappy fonts.


I’ve been really excited to meet up with him again. But as always when people visit us I have a really hard time figuring out what to do. I usually just show them the most popular tourist-y attractions in Stockholm, which really isn’t that interesting at all. This time was no exception, and we walked through Gamla Stan and Södermalm.

We ended up staying at home watching the first “Hunger games” and just talking.


Oh, and about the coffee, we did find some premium coffee, and cake as well.