Last summer weekend

August 23, 2015

Do you remember when I told you last week that I got sun burned? Yeah, well, it was pretty severe, so severe in fact that my skin started peeling later on. You know what you’re not supposed to do if that happens? Expose the skin in the sun.

Well, hell, that’s just recommendations right. This weekend Paulina didn’t have any work, and seeing as summer is coming to an end, and we were promised a lot of sun, we decided to spend both Saturday and Sunday on the beach. Besides, next weekend I’ll be in Iceland, and the weekend after that, it’s September, which is officially an autumn month, so this was in fact, my last summer weekend this year.


We had initially decided to go to Hanko, but on Friday we didn’t feel like doing the trip, and beside, why spend four hours (round trip) in a car, when you just need to take a stroll from the apartment and you end up in a large park that has both skerries and sand beaches?

Today I learned the name of the rocks in the water, skerry, and so, I needed to use it in the blog post. I’m quite surprised about the word, seeing as it comes from the old norse word Sker, which in turn means that the Swedish word for archipelago, skärgård, makes a lot more sense. Interestingly though, my spellchecker marks both skerry and skerries as non-existing words, oh well.


We headed out pretty late on Saturday, so the sun was kind of weak, which was a good thing, though I didn’t dare go out to swim, not after my near-death experience (exaggeration, though it was a bit cold) in Hanko a couple of weeks ago.

Both Paulina and I brought some books with us. I’ve never had the patience of reading a book on the beach, but somehow, it was rather nice. Though a pillow would’ve made the experience a lot better. Paulina got a bit bored with her book, and took my camera for a spin instead.

She took the picture below, which I have to say is really nice, especially in black and white.


On Sunday we decided to go to the beach a bit earlier, in hopes of maybe taking a dip in the water. Herman turned up after an hour or so, and he wanted to go for a quick swim, which basically meant I had to go out.

It was really hard to get out in the water seeing as there were a lot of rocks skerries around us, and all of the rocks skerries had seaweed growing on them, which means they get really freaking slippery, I was actually scared that I’d sprain my ankle if I made one wrong move, so, I did what anybody would’ve done, I walked in to the water, graciously, like a crab.

It’s a bit weird swimming around in the water, when there’s large cruise ferries going by every now and then.

Just as we had gotten out a bit deeper, where the rocks wasn’t a problem anymore, we heard a loud noise, a buzzing sound, and as we turned around towards land, a search and rescue helicopter rose up from behind the tree-tops, and flew right above us, just something like 20 meters above our heads. Would’ve made a great picture, but I would’ve never been able to get back to land and get my camera (especially since I had to walk like a crab, which if you’ve ever seen a crab walk, isn’t especially fast).

Me and Herman walking on water, just an ordinary day in my life.

So after getting back home on Sunday, I was burned, again, and double on the skin that I had already burned. I guess by now I should learn that my skin isn’t as tough as it used to be. I should really get a bottle of sun protection. No need to do it now though, maybe next year, we’ll see.

Random fact of the day

Helsinki is quite famous for it’s tramway, I guess mostly because it’s the only efficient way to get around the city center. The subway, which is basically one straight line (I shit you not, it’s one single line), is no use for the center of the city, and the buses, well, they are buses, and are usually late and completely crowded.


Anyway, so the tramways right? Did you know that there is an actual tramway car that works like a pub? That they actually serve alcohol on it? It’s called Spårakoff, because “Spåra” is a nickname for the tramway in the city (it’s from the Swedish word “Spårvagn” which means “Tramway car”) and the word “Koff” (pronounced like the word Cough) which is a shortened word for the brewery “Sinebrychoff“.

It was launched back in ’95 to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the brewery, and was meant to only be in service for two years, though it turned out to be really popular (who could’ve guessed that a rolling bar would become popular in Finland?), and they’ve let it continue to operate on the tracks ever since.

And now you know some useless trivia about Helsinki’s tramway.