Jimmy Joy – Nutritionally Complete Meals

April 17, 2019

It’s that time again. Powder based meal replacements, and this ain’t my first rodeo. I’ve previously tried out Ambronite, and Joylent.

This time I’m revisiting Joylent, or rather, they’ve changed their name to Jimmy Joy, which is quite honestly an awful name, it’s a bit like trying to be hip, and ending up being cringey, but I digress, it’s about the food, not the brand.

So since I last tried Joylent, they’ve changed their name, changed their formula (probably multiple times?), and added a couple of new flavors.

Full time meal replacement

I am not interested in going full time on meal replacements, I’m actually only looking to replace primarily my lunch, or a couple of lunches per week. Since I’m working remotely, I usually end up eating my lunch alone, and then I don’t really see the point of eating out, so that’s why I might as well try to cut my lunch short.

The jimmy joy shaker and scoop
The shaker, and a scoop! Last time around they didn’t have a scoop, so I eyeballed all the measurements, which was a pain.

Well easier said than done. I checked their website and to my delight they had added a neutral flavor. One of the main things that I didn’t like with Joylent was that the flavors were often overpowering. I was quite excited about the neutral one. I also found that they had added a coffee flavored variant.

Placing the order

So I decided to order two packages of neutral, one package of coffee. Seeing as I had liked the banana previously, I went for two packages of that as well.

So for a grand total of 5 packages (25 meals/servings, 400kcal per meal), I also added the free scoop and a free shaker (since I’ve long misplaced my Joylent shaker). I opted for the smaller shaker. With 9.50€ in shipping fees, the total cost was 44,50€, which ends up being about 1.80€ per meal.

My bike with the jimmy joy package on the back
Fetching the package with my bike, hipster af.

It took 10 days from placing the order, to actually receiving the order.

Five days just for the package to leave the Netherlands, I’m not going to lie, that’s absurd. Especially considering the shipping fee. At this kind of price you’d expect almost next day delivery, but alas, I had to wait 10 days. Ten days. Two hundred and forty hours.

I know that’s a bit of a first world problem. But in all seriousness, I can’t get over the fact that it took that long.


Seeing as it was my favorite last time, I decided I had to try it again.

A bit chalky, flavor is very on the down-low, just a hint of the previous banana. It’s all right.

Jimmy joy plenny shake banana flavor bag

I kind of think it’s a good thing that they’ve scaled back on the taste, I’d venture to guess that they’ve done so in order for people not to get as easily bored of the taste, or get overwhelmed if they eat it every day.

Mixing variations

There’s different ways to mix the powder, the last time I tried, I only used tap water, which incidentally is also the recommended way. Though I found online different opinions on using milk instead of water, so I tried it with the banana powder.

The shake gets a bit thicker, not by much though, but the taste profile changes quite a bit, the taste gets a bit more varied, and I’d describe it as a more watered down yoghurt, if that makes sense. I guess if you’re after a bit more energy (as in calories), using milk would be an easy starting point.

Wake up (Coffee & Caffeine)

I’ve looked forward to this one. Really, this was one of the reasons I decided I wanted to try out Joylent Jimmy Joy again.

There’s supposedly 25mg caffeine per 100ml of prepared product (i.e. mixed shake), for reference, a cup of coffee has 40mg per 100ml, so this is quite a bit weaker in that sense.

Jimmy joy plenny shake coffee flavor bag

Not much taste actually, none of coffee at least. Just as the banana a very slight hint of taste (although not coffee, but coffee:ish maybe). Or actually, I’d say it’s a bit more of a nutty taste than coffee, like hazelnuts. Yeah, that’s probably the closest I can describe it as.

I’m a bit disappointed of the flavor actually. I was hoping for something a bit more espresso-like than whatever this is. Although it’s not bad, it’s really not coffee.

A glass of jimmy joy plenny coffee shake
The coffee shake

I’d say this is probably my favorite thus far (compared to the old, and new formulas), although I wouldn’t see myself eating (drinking?) this on an everyday basis.

Just as the banana, very chalky. 4/5 toasters.

Neutral (unsweetened & unflavored)

And just like the coffee, I’ve looked forward to this one as well, mostly because of the potential.

You should be, in theory, able to mix in what ever you want with the neutral (e.g. using actual, real coffee).

Jimmy joy plenny shake neutral flavor bag

It actually has the same base taste as all the other flavors (obviously), it’s not bad at all, a bit bland, but I guess that’s to be expected. If I’d have to describe it in anyway, it would be sawdust in milk, with a bit of pulverized chalk.

From what I’ve gathered, the neutral is awesome when combined with other ingredients like a banana, or a bunch of frozen berries, mixed in a mixer. And having just the powder with water, I can kind of see it. Although the taste by itself is nothing to really talk about, this flavor is probably the one with the most potential. If I end up with an other order from Jimmy Joy, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’d only order the neutral ones.

I’ll give it 4/5 toaster, would drink again, but next time, I’ll try and flavor it with something.


So I’ve tried mixing the 3 scoops neutral with 100g of frozen blueberries, 2dl ice cold milk, and 1dl ice cold water. It was awesome, down right awesome, would recommend, 5/5.


Well, all in all, I do prefer the new formula to the old. And, I might be the only one thinking this, I really like that they’ve kept the proteins at a reasonable level, 15g per 100g of powder (For reference, 100g of chicken contain about 30g of proteins). An adult person needs about 0.8g protein per kilogram of weight per day[source].

This is what some of the competitors offer, Queal (30.1g per 100g), Huel (29g per 100g), Soylent (20.5g per 100g), and Ambronite (24g per 100g).

If I’d consume exactly 2000kcal of Jimmy Joy per day, I would almost exactly, on the gram, receive as much protein as I require per day – I really don’t see the point in over-consuming proteins.

I do see myself using Plenny Shakes, well, if not everyday, at least a couple of times per week. I can’t see myself replacing all my meals with it though. For now I’ll just run through my current stock, and see how I feel at the end of it. But I do feel more positive about it now, than I did in 2016, so that’s something.