I’ve made a huge mistake

October 4, 2014

#86 Citykyrkans konditori (The city church’s confectionery)

I wanted to go see something from the book “One hundred cool places in Stockholm”, and I was already on my way to the northern parts of the city, I decided to choose something in that area. The first thing that came up was the city church’s confectionery.

Let me quote the book;

“The Phoenix Palace could be the building from Gotham City where Bruce Wayne holds a charity banquet at the beginning of the movie”
– 100 balla ställen i Stockholm, p. 231, Valle Westesson

Naturally, this piqued my interest, mostly because I know at least one of my reader’s is an avid Batman fan. The book goes on about the history of the building, that it, once upon a time, was a central hub for night life in Stockholm, but during the second world war, the economics didn’t work out and the building was sold to a sect church (Östermalms fria församling).

The church opened a confectionery on the third floor where people could visit.


Let me start off by making it clear that I’m really not a religious person, and I generally try to keep away from churches, especially sects, but seeing as this was a destination in the book, I decided to go anyway.


After a bit of walking, I found the building, my initial reaction was to just keep on walking, I really didn’t want to enter a building with a large cross and the words “Citykyrkan” on it. But I was already there, so I might as well try it out. I stepped in to the building, large doors, but a pretty cramped reception. I went to the stairway on my left and walked up to the third floor.


The smell, oh the smell. As soon as I reached the third floor I was hit with a wall of the most disgusting smell. You know how old people have a special scent? Mix that smell up with fish soup and you might be able to replicate this smell.

I knew I had made a mistake, a lapse in my better judgement, why did I ever go here? But I was already inside, and I wanted to blog about it, so I walked up to the cake desk, took out something that looked like cake, and grabbed a cup of coffee. It totalled to 56 sek, not that expensive, but it should’ve been free considering that the whole place smelled like a dump.


The place was packed with Christians, and there were no free tables. After walking around, almost panicking that I would have to sit down with a gang of super religious people, I found a small table without a chair. There was however an empty chair at the table nearby, I used my “kind” voice and asked; “Can I take this chair?”, I almost instantly got a rather grumpy response; “May, May I have this chair!” followed by a more cheerful sentence, “Go ahead, take it.”.

I was a bit thrown off by the response, but I just wanted to get out. I took the chair, sat down, ate my cake, basically threw the coffee in my mouth, and got up again. The only thing I could think about was how I had to leave, get out of there.


As I got out, back in the stairway, I felt a bit at ease again, I kind of ran down the stairs, and as I got out to the streets I was almost relaxed relieved, this horrid experience had come to an end, I will never visit again.

If you’re ever in Stockholm, stay away! I’m pretty sure this place was added to the book as a cruel joke.

Time lapse test

Most of you know, or should know, that I didn’t actually start off with a hobby in photography, it was actually time lapses that made me interested in photography. I did a lot of time lapses a few years back, but stopped because I wanted to become a better photographer instead.

Well I’m heading off to Åland in a couple of weeks, and I want to make some time lapses when I’m out there. I lost my intervalometer (the thing that handles timing between images) a long time ago, but magic lantern has a built in intervalometer (Nikon users have a native intervalometer in the camera firmware, Canon, not so much).

I’ve never used the magic lantern firmware for time lapses, and I had to figure out how to use it before I make my trip to Åland. So I went out to T-Centralen and shot a 5 second clip (24 minutes in real time).

Canon EOS 60D, 8″ @ f/8, Canon EF 20-35mm f/2.8L @ 20mm

While not the prettiest time lapse ever made, I did figure out how to use magic lantern for time lapses.