I’ve gotten literally no sleep this weekend

July 12, 2015

This weekend my sister, nephew and my mom came visit us here in Helsinki. It was wonderful to spend time with them, and we’ve had a great time, except the fact that a toddler tends to, eh, cry during the night. Which in turn means I haven’t gotten all that much sleep. I’ve gotten up at around 6:45 AM, which is even earlier then I get up during my work days.

Since I’m not a parent, and this is the first time I’ve spent a complete night in an apartment with a child, it was kind of shocking. I’ve never owned, or heard, an alarm clock as efficient as a screaming child. My sister was pretty distressed about Tobias waking everybody up, but I mean, what can you do? A child won’t listen to reason.

Though an interesting thing I learnt about children is how fast they change from full-on-screaming to laughing and playing, that was really weird.

Looks warm, and the air kind of was, but the water was freezing.

One of the things we did was to head out to Hanko. Both my mom and sister were born there, so it was kind of natural that we had to go visit. And I’ve been yapping on about the wonderful beaches in Hanko, so it was a given that we had to go there as well.

The weather was kind of unstable, sunshine, rain, thunder, every other half hour. The water was ice cold, in any other circumstance, I wouldn’t even go near it, but I had brought my swimming wear, and it was probably 4 years since I last went swimming, and so, I decided that I had to venture out in the water.

Fuck this shit.

I’m not going to lie and tell you all how wonderful it was. It was crazy cold, as I waded out I had some trouble breathing since I was freezing so badly, but eventually I threw myself into the blue. The upside was that once I left the water, the air was really hot (I’m guessing my blod circulation kicked off and started to heat up my body).

I regret nothing.

Tobias at the beach in Hanko.

It was also the first time for Tobias at the beach, he didn’t like the water, so he stayed on the sand, playing around.

And when I say playing around, I mean he sat around and tried to eat different things, sea shells, sand, stones, grass, sea weed, I guess the usual thing that toddlers do. When he disliked it he threw it away, and if he liked it, we took it away. There was just no winning for him.

Tobias throwing away some sea weed after he tasted it.

After the beach we went around Hanko doing some sightseeing. We also went to our family home and hanged out with my uncle. Me and Tobias spent a lot of time playing with gravel. Sadly I don’t have any pictures to illustrate it, but basically it went, I lined up a bunch of rocks, and Tobias threw them all away. Good times.

Itäkeskus in Helsinki

Later on we needed to do something for the grown ups, so we went to Itäkeskus (East center) here in Helsinki. It’s basically a humongous shopping mall. Me, not being, or acting, very adult, decided to play around with Tobias instead, I raced around with his stroller, running through the aisles and just getting in the way of all the other people.

Tobias’ and my racing vehicle.

Most people had the decency to get out of our way, other people stood still and we had to swerve around them. Sometimes though, we had to get out of the way. It was actually one of my best shopping experiences to date. Though I’m pretty sure that all the other people at the mall hated me, as I would’ve gotten pretty angry if some guy kept running around with a child in the store.

But I don’t care, I had fun, and most importantly, so did Tobias <3.