It’s been a tiring week

September 28, 2014

This week started off with Johan inviting me on a morning fishing trip down by Skeppsholmen. Little did I know that this would really mess up my sleep rhythm for the rest of the week.

I got up Tuesday morning at around 6 AM, this is a really early morning for me (hey, I need my beauty sleep!). Packed my bag for the day and headed out the door. I took the subway out to T-Centralen, switched from the red-line to the blue-line, and got off at Kungsträdgården, walked for 10 minutes and voilá, I was standing on Skeppsholmen.

All of this is probably is a bit hard to understand, so I drew a map.


The red and blue lines are marked with, surprise, red and blue color, gray represents walking alone, and black is walking with Johan.

I had hoped for a lot of images, and a lot of fish, I was too tired for creative thinking, so I ended up with lots of almost identical images, and we didn’t get any fish.

Johan fishing

But the weather was great, but getting up this early to fish is probably something I’ll be a bit more reluctant to do again. And this morning really set the tone for the rest of the week, so I’ve been tired almost every day, all day. And I somehow managed to strain my shoulder, which actually still hurts pretty badly.

DreamHack Stockholm 2014

On Friday Bazooka took us out for DreamHack Stockholm 2014, instead of making this post insanely huge, I’ve decided to split it up into a separate post, so go read about it, or don’t, but please do.

The main stage at DreamHack Stockholm 2014

Spårvägsmuseet in Stockholm

A reoccurring theme of my weekly update posts is museums, this time Johan asked me if I was interested in visiting the Spårvägsmuseet in Stockholm (roughly translated to “tramway museum”).

The place was practically filled with old trains, buses and other public transportation vehicles.

A mechanical traffic-light post, whaat?

The good old days, when being good looking was not important

There were a lot of signs, some of which I’m pretty sure have been hanging somewhere, no history was given though

The cockpit of an older subway train (this type is still used, but it’s not the primary type of subway train)

The fact that they had decorated the inside of the trains with advertisement from the correct time-era was pretty fun