It’s a feast

November 9, 2013

Since moving to Sweden I haven’t really made that many meals at home, I usually just buy some kind of pre-manufactured dinner or eat out. I’m going to blame it on not having the equipment I had at home in Finland, and that I don’t have a dishwasher (even though I really didn’t do all that much cooking when I had does things either).

Anyway, I decided I’d try and make something. Paulina was off working a 10 hour shift, so I decided I was going to surprise her with some food. Since I’m such a culinary expert, only restrained by the equipment I had. I decided to make entrecĂ´te with bĂ©arnaise sauce and french fries. (yeah, so not that much of a culinary expert).


I guess the meal turned out okay, not the best I’ve eaten, but absolutely, definitely passable. Which is a good grade in my book. Hell, at least I didn’t burn the house down.

Cooking aside..

Streaming music

So the last few years I haven’t really listened to any music, and when I do listen to something, it’s the same music that I’ve listened to during the last decade. It’s not that I hate music, it’s just that I can’t work when listening to music, I lose my concentration and start to focus too much on the lyrics. When I was younger I basically played music all the time, and I some what miss that.

Actually, I started to think about this earlier in the week when Paulina decided to renew her Spotify Premium subscription. I’ve had a Spotify account for a few years, but never payed for the premium subscription, nor really used the free service either. It’s mostly because of the super annoying ads, and that I really don’t like their application. Just like Skype, I hate any application that can’t take no for an answer (i.e. doesn’t close when clicking the x button, but instead minimizes itself to the tray, like it knows what I want with my life better than myself).


So instead of getting Spotify I started too look at an alternative service, Xbox Music (Which is, in my honest opinion, probably the worst name for a music service, like, ever). After a few searches it looks like it has most of the music that I like (In other words, the same crap that I’ve been listening to the last 10 years) and it’s well supported on Windows 8 and Windows Phone (d’uh). The pricing is $10 per month or a $100 annually, which isn’t really that expensive, but expensive enough for somebody who doesn’t listen to music.

Then again, I don’t know anyone who uses this service, so I have know idea if it’s actually worth anything. Though they do offer the first month for “free” (that is, if you give up your CC number to them).