It’s a conspiracy!

March 7, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I quit my job. I have this thing that I don’t like to be the center of attention, for example, every year I use one vacation day for my birthday, not because I have anything planned, but because I want to keep it on the down low. So when I handed in my resignation, I asked not to be celebrated in any way.

A couple of days ago, Johan asked me if I was up for a casual MTG night this Friday, naturally, I agreed. Sadly, I’ve packed all of my cards, but I decided to buy a pre-built deck during my lunch break. I usually go out to lunch with Anders, and I asked him if we could go near Skrapan, in the heart of Södermalm, because there’s a game-store there which stocks magic cards. He countered with McDonald’s instead, saying that I could pick up the cards after work instead, and this is were I should’ve become suspicious, but instead I didn’t think about it at all.

Later in the afternoon, I was finishing up a project, Anders told me to bring my computer to one of the conference rooms so I could demo the functionality — this on the other hand made me very suspicious, I practically never remove my computer for demoing purposes, and especially not for an internal meeting, I told him it would be a lot quicker if he just came over to my workstation, but he stood his ground, and so I had to disconnect my screens, external drives, etc. to unhook my laptop.

As I got to the conference room, Anders, Johan, Calle and Bo were all sitting their, grinning. At this point I understood what had happened, they’ve conspired against me.

Golden Mora Knife
Probably one of the funniest gifts I’ve ever been given.

As I sat down Calle handed me a gift. In Sweden, there’s a long going joke that all Finns are armed with knives at any given time, I’ve always played a long with this joke, and ever since I started working at Bazooka, I’ve had a red knife on my table (the knife even has a label with my name on it).

The present they gave me was a new, Made in Sweden, Mora knife, that’s painted gold and enclosed in a 3D frame, making it look like it’s floating. And as Calle so perfectly put it, “Some companies give you a golden watch, but we’ve given you a golden knife”.

They had decided to give me the gift before the workday was over, because they’d planned to take me out drinking, and figured that it was a bad idea having me running around Stockholm, drunk on a Friday night, with a gold-colored knife, so instead they gave it before we went out, so I could leave it at my desk.

We all left work at 5 o’clock, the guys had planned out the whole evening, and the first stop was the famous “Ice bar” near T-Centralen in Stockholm, and just as the name says, it’s a bar, made completely out of ice.

Ice bar in Stockholm

You know how all the bars are usually crowded, warm and sweaty? This bar was instead, almost empty (they only let a number of people in at a time), -7°C and in short, awesome. Even the drinking glasses were made out of ice.

If only they had chairs and served food, I’d probably would’ve wanted to stay there the entire night.

Ice bar in Stockholm

We had a dinner reservation at the Griffin Steakhouse, which is located a couple of blocks from the Ice bar. But the reservation was at 8 PM, so we went to a hotel lounge and sat around drinking more beer and just talking. A lot of the discussions were about Åland, and how fun we had the last time me, Anders and Johan were there, and we tried to persuade Calle to join us for the next trip.

Bo had yet to arrive, he had to be home to put his kids to bed. But he was to join us at the restaurant. And talk about timing, as we were just about to be led to our table, he appeared out of nowhere.

Dinner table
Calle and Bo trying to decide what to get.

You could instantly tell that Johan was the one who picked out the restaurant, the menu was filled with mostly red meat, food that I sincerely appreciate. I ordered a large rib eye steak (350g meat) and potatoes. After reading the menu I started to wonder how you pronounce entrecôte in English, since I’ve never heard a native English speaker say it out loud.

I don’t know if I was hungry or what it was, but the meat was hands down the best thing I’ve eaten for months. Even now, as I’m writing this post, I think about that delicious piece of steak.

The Griffin Steakhouse
“Since I am not a rabbit, no, I do not” — Ron Swanson when asked if he wanted salad.

We ended the night at Carmen on Södermalm. Bo ordered a uber taxi, a new BMW 730d, a hell of a ride. Carmen was, as always, a nice place, though it was a bit too crowded, we weren’t able to snag a table, so we had to stand at the bar. All of the bartenders have a Karhu t-shirt, so Calle asked them if they could give me one. They told him that if he came by on Monday with his CV he might be able to get one.

It was a great night, and a fit ending to my Stockholm adventure. I owe these guys so much!

Two weeks left.