Internet memes, meet Stockholm

May 4, 2014

Stockholmslokaltrafik, the state-owned company that takes care of the public transport in Stockholm started a new campaign last week. I haven’t really read about the campaign, as in what they offer, but I think it’s about a cheaper ticket card during the summer month’s (SL uses the same kind of electronic ticket system as the Transport of London uses — see oyster card).


Anyway, the campaign has been pretty successful, not in delivering it’s message, but because a lot of people have started to steal the advertising posters. Metro did an article about the campaign, and was kind of clear that while young men understood the meme, most people were a bit confused about the Shiba Inu with the sublines of poor English grammar (if you aren’t familiar with the meme, it’s known as “Doge“, and there’s even a currency named after it, Dogecoin).

I personally love the campaign, mostly because I feel that the campaign has been a lot different to other advertising campaigns, but also because it promotes internet humour in the physical world.

Meet a camel.


We were out on a coffee at Gärdet in Stockholm. We didn’t really know what to do, and that’s when Jasper came up with the idea to visit a nearby park where a circus had currently set up. Apparently they were letting people near the animals without actually entering the show.

I guess there was a show going on just as we were outside because most of the “pens” were empty, but we did see a few camels, zebras and donkeys. I had no idea how big a camel actually is, and the makeshift pen that was holding the camels was basically plastic sticks stuck in the ground and some wire going between the sticks. The camel could’ve easily trampled over the “fence”, but interestingly enough they just stood there, waiting to be fed by people passing by.



May day, the International Workers’ Day


We celebrated the first of May this year on a Thursday, which meant an extra day off. I did go out and watch the protests, but they were actually pretty boring. Did take some pictures though.


In Vasa, May Day is usually celebrating by eating a lot of candy and being happy about spring. Here in Stockholm everything becomes a political statement.