Inner dialogue

March 24, 2013

I’ve held off writing this week’s update for as long as possible, hoping that something worth writing about would come up, but alas, nothing has happened.
So I’ll just write something and hope that it’ll stick. And post pictures, because everybody likes pictures.

I’ve been told at work that we need to submit our summer vacation wishes before the end of March, I’ve got 27 days to spare, but I have no idea when I should use them nor if I want to use them all in one go. I need to at least save some for next winter, let’s say 10 days. That leaves me with 17 days left. I’ll also need a few spare days that I can use through out the year, which in turn leaves me 10 days to use during the summer, my sister’s wedding is going to allocate a few of them and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to spend my complete summer vacation in Vasa. So maybe 50-50? One week in Vasa and one week in Stockholm? Argh, too many choices to make, can’t they just tell me that this is how long your vacation is and this is where you should spend it?

Liljeholmen and Hornstull

Yesterday was an interesting day, I woke up 8:30 AM, with an headache. Went out to get some pills and something to eat and then slept a few more hours on the sofa. Got up at half past two and decided that my headache won’t just give up by itself. So I went out for a walk, got myself a sandwich at subways. I usually eat subway on Saturday’s, it’s become a routine of sorts, which Paulina finds very funny, she calls me “predictable”. I don’t really understand why it’s funny, predictability is a good thing in my books.
Anyway, so after I had eaten, I take out my laptop, just to randomly browse. As I sit there fumbling with my phone to get my internet sharing connection up and going, this old man comes to my table and just stands there, a bit hunched over like he’s trying to see what I’m doing on my laptop. I look at him, waiting for some kind of response, but he just stands there dumbfounded. I try to ignore him, but he doesn’t seem to want to leave. After a few minutes, me becoming increasingly frustrated, he finally says “I’m interested in computers”. At this point I’m a bit stressed at this random encounter, so I just tell him that it’s a normal HP, with a somewhat “I’m not interested in chit-chatting”-undertone, he finally leaves. And I can continue with what ever I was doing.
After a while of sitting there I decide to go in to town, I need an inflatable mattress, because we’re expecting quite a lot of visitors through out April. But I felt that I wanted to say hi to Paulina before I started looking for the mattress. I head out to her work, and just as I arrive I meet her and her friend Sandra who were just about to leave. I hook up with them and we head out to find a cafĂ©. Sandra, who’s lived here for a few years, knows all the in’s and out’s of the place, and she took us to a “small and cozy” place (her words). In reality, it was a rebuilt garage that now sported a hipster coffee place, not really cozy, and not too small. At this point Mistu had also joined our company, and we decided to go out to an indian-restaurant out in Mariatorget. Now I’m not the biggest fan of asian food, so I decided not to eat anything, but I still accompanied them. We sat there for a few hours and had a really awesome time, a few more people joined us through out the evening, and we decided to go to a small bar. I had a few shots of vodka while everybody else drank beer. It’s interesting how the bar culture is different in Sweden from Finland, even though we’re neighbouring countries. In Finland, or at least Vasa, all bars pump out music as loud as they can, whilst in Sweden, or Stockholm, they still have music, but it’s only used for background sound, or white-noise. I do prefer the Swedish way. At this point I started to get bored so Paulina and I decided to go home at around eleven o’clock.
I didn’t get my mattress, but had nonetheless, a good time.