Improving ergonomics

March 2, 2013

A few days ago, our landlords asked us if we’d like to rent our apartment until November 2014. We told them that we’d love to, because I really don’t want to start looking for a new one when the housing market is what it is in Stockholm (E.g. it’s a lot of hassle to find an apartment with a contract longer then a few months).
Before we get to sign anything our landlords need to get an approvement from their landlords in order to extend our current contract, so let’s just hope everything goes as planned. Though I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t allow an extension.

So as the thought of staying in this apartment for a longer time then expected I’ve started thinking about how to improve my work setup here. Until recently I’ve only had my laptop and dev server, which has worked, not perfectly, but good enough. The only two real downsides have been that the low-resolution combined with only one screen makes working on my own projects a bit cumbersome. And working on a laptop in the couch is a really great way to kill your back. So for starters I’ve gotten myself a Rain mStand and a keyboard. The mStand is pretty self-explanatory, I wanted it because it lifts the screen up to a more comfortable height. though deciding what keyboard I wanted was a bit of a challenge. In one way I really wanted to have a full size keyboard, but on the other hand, it did take me some time to get comfortable with my current laptop’s key-placement. So I did a somewhat of an compromise, the Rapoo E9070 has the almost exact same layout of the keys as my laptop (Page up/down, End/Home), but it also has a numeric pad. After spending a few days with the keyboard, it is a bit cramped, but it does work.

Rapoo E9070

Now as for the screen, which is a bit of a larger investment, I’m trying to decide whether or not I should go for an IPS display. I’ve always cheaped out on screens and gone with the cheaper TN-displays, arguing that I mostly do text-based work and won’t really appreciate the better colors and viewing angles of the IPS. So the jury is still out on this question. And I shouldn’t really buy a screen before I know definitely that will get the contract extended.

As mentioned in last week’s update, as well as in a coding-post. I released a first public beta of my program, so be sure to check it out.

Cleaning up the coffee

Not that this is what I’ve been doing all week, but as I’ve got a picture of it, I might as well post. When your in a hurry back to your seat to push some new code, my tip is to watch out for pillars, I walked straight into one and threw my coffee all over the place. This is me cleaning up the aftermath.