I’m on a boat

May 19, 2013

Last week I bought myself a new screen, and one of the reasons, actually the primary reason, for buying it was that I’d be able to do more free-time-coding. I was in a Skype session with Carlos and we went through some of my older coding posts and found one of the first games that I released on my site, Red Square (The game itself is actually a remake of another game that I had found online). It’s a very simple javascript game, the only thing you need to do is to avoid collision with other squares, the longer the live, the better you are.

Carlos found this idea interesting, and because I was in need of something to do, we joined together to create a new game based on the idea of Red Square, and so, monorun! was born. We’re developing the game out in the open, so if you want to play with it, you can download the complete source from github. I’ll write a more in-depth post of this game once I get the time.


Besides sitting around coding all week (both at work and at home). We celebrated a friend’s birthday, because he had turned 40 the event was a little over the top. The first part of the event took place on a boat, which cruised around Stockholm’s surrounding archipelago. There was a three-course dinner and a lot of laughs. Paulina was my plus one, we were seated at the same table as another Finn and a Swede who had quite the love for beer. We managed to keep it down throughout the boat-cruise. But as we docked to the harbour (Near Slussen) the next event was just about to take place. The after-party. Which was held at bazooka’s premises. Lots and lots of alcohol and a bartender meant that this could only end in one way. I’ll try to spare you the details, but there’s a saying “Every other should be water”, which might be true, but my version (with a twist), “Every other shot should be a gin shot”, does not work.

Bazooka party

I think I need to go lie down.