If it weren’t for those meddling kids

September 20, 2015

Ever since catching the latest Avengers movie “Age of Ultron” at the cinema, I wanted to watch it again, and I’ve been waiting for the bl-ray release for what feels like ages.

And now this Friday it was finally released. Although I noticed earlier in the week, Monday to be precise, that the movie was listed at one of the stores as “in stock” and that you could pick it up immediately. Even though I knew that the movie hadn’t been officially released, I decided to take a chance.

As I got to the movie section, I quickly scanned through the selection, noting that it wasn’t in any of the shelves. I went to the checkout counter and asked for the movie, telling them that it was up on the site (but not mentioning that it hadn’t been released yet). The guy checked his computer and told me that they should have 53 copies in stock, I answered that I wasn’t able to find it in the store.

He told me to wait as he went to the stockroom to fetch it. I was really happy, I was just going to get away with the movie five days before anyone else. After a couple of minutes he came back, empty handed. I realized my plan had failed. He told me that they did have it, but the guys in the stockroom had told him that he wasn’t allowed to sell the movie before the 18th, and that I should come back on Friday.

It would have been mine, if it weren’t for those meddling kids.

Anyway, impatient old me had to wait until the end of the week. After a truly slow week, Friday finally arrived, the first thing I did as I got off work was to head to the nearest store that sold movies to pick it up.

Because of the strikes here in Finland all public transportation in the capital area (and I guess the whole country) was standing still, and while I wholeheartedly support their cause, I had to walk to Ruoholahti, which is a couple of kilometers, and a storm was coming in over Helsinki, so it was quite windy on the bridge between The Island and down-town Helsinki.

But nothing was going to stop me. I got to the store and headed directly for the movies, and instantly found what I was looking for. I generally try to avoid to buy movies as soon as they get released, just because I don’t think they’re generally worth 20€, but this was an exception.

I got a nice surprise at the checkout, when it turned out that the film only cost 15€, which is a bit weird, since the movie was released the very same day. I walked back home, and because Paulina was working the evening shift, and I wanted to watch the Avengers with her, I had to wait another five hours. I decided to use my time travel capabilities to speed up time (I took a four hour nap).

Me and Paulina have very different tastes in movies, whenever we want to watch something, it takes a couple of hours before we both can agree on what movie to watch, and I hate to admit it, but more times than I dare to admit, we’ve ended up watching one of the Iron Man movies. I’d like to say that we both like Marvel movies, but she really only likes the ones featuring Iron Man, and Guardians of the Galaxy.

And that’s why I wanted to wait ’til she got back, so we could watch it together. Anyhow, the movie was just as good as I remembered it, better than the first Avengers, but not as good as the first Iron Man nor Guardians of the Galaxy, but well worth the watch.